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We all love a good sale! We plow through racks of clearance clothing and home goods as we pass them. Shoe aisles become battle grounds in the hunt for the best price in our size. Luckily, cork is one size fits all! We are constantly adding new inventory to our Specials page to give our best products to our best customers for the best price - many up to 30% off or more!! We offer a variety of cork flooring and cork wall tile options. Many of our top sellers are listed on this page weekly. We are sure to have something to suit everyone’s tastes. Browse today to get an idea of what we have available. Of course, you don’t have to stick to just the “sale racks.” Feel free to browse our entire online selection. Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you in your purchases and our online shopping makes it easy for late night shoppers. We also offer all the supplies required to install cork floors and wall tile. Cork is a wondrous product that will only increase the value of your home. It is easy to maintain, insulates both acoustical sound and temperature, and it adds a sophisticated look and feel to your home or office. Bonus – it’s a renewable green material! Call or shop online today to see what’s available. We look forward to your becoming part of the AmCork family!

Going Green Isn't Such a New Thing in the Cork Industry

Going green is the current trend in business and home décor. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and touting their green materials and renewable resources. It is not only a trend, but something all people and businesses need to strongly consider as we continue to debate global warming and the destruction of Earth’s wildlife and forests. As the population continues to reach record numbers with each passing day, we cannot continue to live our lives without thinking of the impact we are having on the plant today and for future generations. At AmCork, we take "going green" very seriously and have embraced a material that defines the term.

Deforestation is a real problem right now that affects more than just the number of trees on the plant. It also wipes out local ecosystems, decimates economies, and wreaks havoc on the air quality of the affected region. It’s one of the reasons we love cork so very much! The cork oak, quercus suber, is never felled in the harvesting. What does that mean you may ask? It means that they are not cut down when the cork is harvested. They continue to produce cork and support a lively ecosystem as well as the livelihood of many Portuguese families. Cork oaks typically live 150-250 years before they are finally retired. The outer bark is harvested every 9-12 years. This is the portion of the tree that is used in our manufacturing process. AmCork works closely with our distributors to ensure that the cork oak is protected and harvested properly to safeguard future collection. And as such, the diverse ecosystem supported by the cork oak forests should never be completely eliminated.

Turn on the news any given day and you will see the headlines of companies “going green” and searching for more renewable resources to help them stay competitive in this organic, politically correct craze that has businesses clamoring to show how they are moving forward on a netter path of enlightenment. Sometime I wonder if it’s all a dog and pony show just to get more customers in the doors. Do these companies really care about our environment or are consumers becoming savvier and therefore the businesses have to care in order to keep revenues up and to maintain their pertinent statuses? Many companies are also seeking kickbacks from governments and environmental groups be it in the form of tax credits, revenue enhancement, or branding, because of their newly found environmental worth.

When it comes to the cork industry, environmental passion is nothing new. Cork bark is typically gathered by hand to ensure to that the quality of the product is not affected by the mechanization of the harvesting process. This sustainable material is then gathered and walked out on foot to the roadside throughout a portion of the forest. This directly impacts the carbon footprint of the industry, which compared to many global industries, is very low. The product itself is 100% recyclable and can be used in many ways. Additionally, there is no waste in the cork industry; even the cork dust particles from cutting and trimming the cork tree bark are collected and pressed into cork board or other materials.

Once installed in your home or place of business, the benefits continue. Cork is naturally hypo-allergenic and mold resistant. The air quality is often improved as well as the acoustical and temperate natures of the environment in which it is installed. As a bonus, cork is beautiful. It is soft on your feet and cushions your footsteps when installed as a flooring option. Preserving cork is also a breeze – just a damp mop or rag is all you need for day to day maintenance. It has been a medium of contemporary design for many years and has even been showcased by legendary architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. AmCork offers a full selection of cork flooring and cork wall coverings. Our diverse inventory spans the design spectrum. Installation is also relatively simple, but if you want to leave that to the professionals, we completely understand. Stop by and shop our collection and begin supporting an industry that has always been green and will continue to be on Team Earth.

Have You Seen Our Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles?!? Gorgeous!

Introducing the finest addition to our beautiful product line – our Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles! These cork wall tiles are made from reclaimed bulletin board cork, adding yet another layer to its’ renewable nature. Each tile is as unique as the cork tree from which it is born. The Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles warm up any room with its rich chocolate coloring and alternating pattern to resemble a much more tangible brick pattern in modern homes. These cork wall tiles could even be used as a ceiling tile creating richness from floor to ceiling.

As with all our products, the Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles are made from cork harvested from the finest Portuguese cork oaks. They are superior choices in hypo-allergenic and renewable resources to install in your home or office. This faux brick board would work beautifully in a lush bathroom accented by turquoise or clean white linen; a man cave would bestow its’ occupant with added masculinity; bedrooms would become tranquil sleeping sanctuaries; and living rooms would denote a modern edge with natural elements throughout to demonstrate this lovely green material. Our cork wall tiles are easy to install and can be done as a small DIY project or with the help of a contractor in a major renovation. And while they are easy to install, they are even easier to maintain. Cork Wall Tiles can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth to eliminate any dirt or dust. The hypo-allergenic nature of cork portends that they are mold and allergen resistant. As a bonus incentive, cork is also a natural acoustic and temperature insulator adding to the innate ingenuity of this material.

Unsure of how many cartons of faux brick board you will need? Select our handy calculator on each product page to input the square footage of your project. Our calculator will compute the number of cartons you will need of your Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles as well as any additional products the installation will require. You can add all of the faux brick paneling to your cart with the click of a button or customize your order for what you need. Our products are made from 100% Portuguese cork and are backed by our 25 year warranty. Order this fine new cork faux brick wall board today while it is being offered at a 20% discount while supplies last!

AmCork Receives GreenGuard Certification

AmCork, dba American Cork Products, has recently received a new certification showcasing environmentally friendly manufacturing and interior products offered in its product line. AmCork offers a full line of designer cork products that both beautify as well as promote a green building for your home or office needs. Already associated as an Eco-Friendly Green Product, AmCork, offers only the finest in Portuguese cork. And now, AmCork has received the illustrious GreenGuard Gold Certification from UL Environment.

GreenGuard Certification is based on some of the most stringent chemical standards in the world. By recognizing “voluntary standards to establish requirements for low-emitting products used in indoor environments,” GreenGuard Certification allows the consumer to trust that they are choosing a product which will promote a healthy environment and keep chemical emissions in the home or office to a minimum. All companies offering products certified by UL Environment are screened for carcinogens and reproductive toxins as well as many other self-emitting chemicals commonly found in interior products sold for homes or businesses. “UL Environment works to advance global sustainability, environmental health, and safety by supporting the growth and development of environmentally preferable products, services, and organizations.”

The GreenGuard Certification satisfies requirements of numerous green building and design programs, building codes, and policies. “These include LEED, GSA Advantage!, CHPS, the International Green Construction Code, and EU guidelines and directives.” This certification validates and creates a sense of confidence between consumers and retailers through its strenuous vetting process. Basically, you know the cork product you are purchasing is going to have the best benefit for the environment as well as the lowest chemical emissions for your home or office.

AmCork understands that our clients choose our products because they want to create a more sustainable environment. We offer a natural, renewable material that extends many health and environmental benefits when installed into any type of building. We submit to you sustainable products ranging from practical, though beautiful, in our cork flooring and cork wall covering, to whimsical custom framed cork boards for your office or kitchen. AmCork also offers the practical products all installations require including cork rolls, boards, and install materials. Each product we offer is hand selected by superior buyers to reflect our responsibility to our consumers as well as to Mother Nature. We offer sumptuous cork tile flooring and wall tile materials that will transform any space you choose. Shop our GreenGuard Gold Certified flooring today to discover a world of beauty, both inside and out!

The World's First Living Building

We have talked about green built homes, eco-friendly homes, passive homes, and now, we are entering a phase of green living homes or living buildings. In a press release dated April 1, 2015, the Bullitt Center in Seattle, Washington earned the Living Building Certification – the first in the world! This is a landmark moment in construction and the green materials industry!

“To earn the certification, the Bullitt Center demonstrated that it produces more electricity from solar panels on its roof than occupants use in a year. In addition, toxic chemicals were screened from all building materials and all wood was Forest Stewardship Council certified. Its occupants’ human waste is composted and rainwater is captured for all uses, including drinking.” Yes, you read that right; they are composting residents’ waste… They have thought that far into the process of how the building can be not only self-sustainable, but can give back to the environment.

In 2014, the Bullitt Center produced 60% more energy from solar panels than it used. Jason McLennan, CEO of the International Living Future Institute says “quite simply, this is one of the most important buildings in the world. The Bullitt Center proves that dramatic improvements are possible when a talented group shoots for the stars.” Pushing the envelope, the developers worked tirelessly to create and design a building that would supersede all green buildings on the market. It will be the new proto-type for green construction in the near future.

With governments lagging behind worldwide on protecting the planet’s eco-systems and environments, it is critical that we as consumers become keener on the products and materials we are purchasing and using. Just as the Keurig controversy stirs with all the non-recyclable K-cups, and the effects past generations have had on the glacier systems and climate change, we must take the reins and create more eco-friendly homes. As green as we can get them to be honest. And we have to stop creating items that will only fill landfills with no foreseeable future of change.

Using chemical free materials, renewable resources, energy producing solutions, and more will be critical in all new construction for our environment to have any chance to heal from the damage we have already inflicted upon it. Consider the passive house movement we discussed earlier this year. These green built homes are very energy conservative as well as having strict LEED certification requirements for materials and construction. It may cost more out of the gate, but it will save both money and, more importantly, the environment in the future.

When creating a green home, consider cork as another renewable building material for the interior walls and floors. Cork is also frequently used in many high-rise and apartment constructions for its excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties. We offer many products to suit many tastes and can help guide you through the decision making process. Contact us or shop online today. Even if you are not building a new construction, small room by room renovations can have the same energy saving results as boasted by new constructions.


Free Shipping and Sale Updates

We are still offering free shipping/freight on most of our cork roll and cork board orders. This is a HUGE savings to you as cork can be dense and a little heavy to ship when ordered in a higher quantity. Our cork rolls and cork boards can be used as insulators, bulletin board materials, and much more! The creativity is at your fingertips! And the shipping is on us!

Also on sale this week are four of our Top Sellers for Cork Wall Tiles. These cork products are different from our cork boards as they are decorative and meant as an adornment for an already established interior wall or room. These are great in any room in your home. They can add unexpected beauty and sophistication while also being easy to clean and maintain. Our cork products are the perfect addition to your home office, bedroom or media room where their acoustic and thermal properties would be most beneficial to you. Check out our Top Sellers below. (As seen from left to right: Charred Cork Wall Tile, Cherry Cork Wall Tile, Limestone Cork Wall Tile, and our ever popular Tree Bark Cork Wall Tile)

Charred Cork Wall Tiles    Cherry Cork Wall Tiles    Limestone Cork Wall Tiles    Tree Bark Cork Wall Tiles  

VOTE FOR CORK! The Future of Healthcare Environments

The world of healthcare has taken center stage in the media over the last decade. Our baby boomers are becoming senior citizens – gasp! It has been said that nine months after World War II ended, you could hear the cries of babies across the nation! A remarkable 20% more babies were born in 1946 than ever before. That is a serious statistic. And it is just the beginning of what become known as the “baby boom.” A whopping 76.4 million babies were born from 1946 through 1964 when the surge finally began to lessen. And now, as they boomers walk proudly into the golden era of their lives, we find ourselves with the need to beef up our healthcare needs and their corresponding environments. Create a better environment in hospitals and assisted living spaces; develop better technology; and alternative medicine for a growing populace. And this must be done now as statistics show us that in 15 short years, 1 in 5 Americans will be over the age of 65.

On the eve of a bi-partisan Healthcare reform bill possibly passing the House and the Senate, healthcare is again becoming a critical concern for many after a brief respite from the never ending monologues about the Affordable Healthcare Act in 2010. Apple knows what I’m talking about. Their foray into the healthcare industry through its Apple watch and their impending cloud-based platform HealthKit is evidence of this industry move. Google’s investment in Calico, a company that researches degenerative diseases that affect the elderly, is another example of the broad changes sweeping the healthcare industry.     

So, why, you may ask, are we discussing healthcare in a blog for a cork company? Plain and simple, cork is clean. It can play a vital role in the healthcare industry and deserves a closer look. A microscopic look, in fact. The cellular nature of cork is the key to its many engaging properties. Cork bark features millions of microscopic air pockets, allowing it to be naturally absorbent of both constant weight and thermal/acoustical assets.

Cork is a naturally renewable resource harvested from the Cork Oak (quercus suber) found primarily in the Mediterranean region. It is traditionally harvested by hand, removing only the outer bark from the tree every nine year, never felling the actual tree. The cork oak is protected by many local and international laws to prevent the raping of the land for inappropriate use. The cork oak is listed as a “priority species” by the World Wildlife Foundation. A “priority species” is treated by WWF as one of the most ecologically, economically, and/or culturally important species on our plant. Does this mean we should stop using cork? Just the opposite. Because, as previously mentioned, the cork oak is never felled, its sustainable nature creates a symbiosis between man and nature. The bark needs to be harvested to prevent an early death of the tree. If the cork industry needs decline, this is when we will see the forests threatened. Not because of overuse, but because of underuse. According to WWF, many endangered species rely on these forests for their habitat “including the critically endangered Iberian Lynx, the Iberian Imperial Eagle, and the Barbary Deer, many species of rare birds as well as many fungi, ferns, and other plants.” Future generations of men also depend on the industry for their livelihood. “Cork oak forests also play a key role in maintaining watersheds, preventing erosion and keeping soils healthy. They are a great example of balanced conservation and economic development,” states WWF.

As an eco-friendly flooring resource, cork can withstand the daily traffic inherently encumbered by doctor’s offices and hospitals as well as retirement and rehabilitative homes. It is also a kinder flooring material to walk upon, giving a spring to your step by organically absorbing the pressure of each footstep. Thermal absorption allows for more consistent temperature control where cork is installed. As a flooring option, it keeps warmth trapped inside, keeping the chill off the floor and away from your feet. As a wall covering option, it can more easily regulate heat loss in each room. Acoustical absorption is highly beneficial in these types of healthcare establishments as well. Privacy is king in the healthcare industry, so why should the walls of a healthcare facility be paper thin leading to an inadvertent invasion of privacy? Installing cork as a flooring and/or wall covering material in offices and hospitals would prevent sound from travelling outside of the space it was intended to stay within; a natural secret keeper.

In addition to the thermal and acoustical properties cork affords its users, natural cork flooring is also hypo-allergenic, resistant to mold, fire retardant, and moisture-resistant. But we wouldn’t want those qualities in our healthcare environments, right? Insert sarcastic eye roll here... These are highly sought after attributes that will be essential to the future of healthcare construction and renovation. Frankly, I’m surprised it has taken this long to catch on. Cork isn’t exactly a new thing. But I digress…

Cork is composed of a hydro-phobic substance called suberin, thus giving it all the natural qualities we have listed here. Cleanliness is coveted in the healthcare industry by patients and industry workers alike. It is unnerving to be admitted to the hospital, only to find yourself with more time on your hands than you know what to do with, so you begin examining the crumb filled cracks in the food tray, or the hard water stains in the bathroom, or how housekeeping seems to just be spreading the germs around from room to room with their mop... As the paying client, we must demand a better environment. Architects and contractors should be influencing the decisions about materials as well. We must inform others of the intrinsic value cork freely gives to its users.

Like we have said, cork, at its cellular nature, is an organic super-hero and an eco-friendly resource. The healthcare industry does seem to be a bit behind the times on its championing of this material. This is quite possibly due to the higher cost associated with cork flooring and wall coverings in decades past. However, we are seeing these prices drop dramatically, and come in line with other, more traditional material choices. Continued research and demonstration of its value will help cork become key in the future of healthcare environments, I guarantee you.

FREE Shipping Update

Who doesn’t like FREE? If that’s you, go ahead and stop reading now. But, if you are a lover of all things FREE, AmCork is proudly offering our clients FREE shipping on all cork roll and cork sheet products*. Our cork rolls and cork sheets are great basics for bulletin boards – teachers and churches love them! But that is not all they’re only purpose. In fact, that is kind of a wonderful side effect of our cork products.

Many new construction projects or renovations have requirements for sound control, especially in close communities and high-rise structures. Installing AmCork’s cork rolls or cork sheets as part of the substructure will easily resolve this requirement and will give you more than a single feature meant specifically for acoustic absorbency. In fact, cork rolls and cork sheets offer all the usual suspects in benefits – they are excellent insulators of both acoustics and temperature; they offer superb shock absorbency and hypo-allergenic qualities,  which makes them an ideal alternative to carpet pads that will only trap the dirt and allergens in your home or office. While cork rolls and cork sheets are not suitable as a finished flooring product, they do offer themselves up as the perfect underlayment to flooring, walls, and ceiling applications. 

Read more about underlayment needs in our blog "How Easy Is It."

Our cork rolls are offered in a variety of sizes and thickness. Select from 3mm (1/8”)-6mm (1/4”) in a variety of lengths from 100 sq feet to 800 sq feet depending on your needs. This product comes exactly as you would expect it – in a large roll. These cork rolls are easy to install and manipulate depending on your needs. Similarly, our cork sheets are also offered in an assortment of sizes to meet the thicknesses and square footage requirements of your project.  Shop online or contact one of our helpful sales experts to find out specifically how these products will elevate your renovation or new construction project! And don't forget the FREE shipping! Oh happy day!


*Some exclusions may apply

Everything Old is New Again

We are officially two months into 2015 and it’s time that we delved into the hot interior decorating trends for this upcoming season. Vintage inspired decorating with furnishings and fixtures, natural colors and materials, as well as a usual touch of elegance are in full force as we slide into Spring. It is time to throw out many of your Pinterest boards and start anew with fresh pins for the cutting-edge style icons emerging on today’s market.

Your home is your sanctuary and should be treated as such. The color pantone for this season is a lush Marsala, which blends easily with the subdued natural colors and decorative pieces placed throughout your home. It can easily be paired with soft, cool pastels creating a serene escape. Muted grays are an easy addition to any warm or cool color as well to help balance your color palette. We don’t realize how much color impacts our moods, though your decorator certainly does. Pablo Picasso once said that “colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” While you may love daisy yellow, it might not be wise to paint your entire bedroom in the hue as it can cause some to feel anxious or unable to unwind. If you are itching to splash the color around your home, choose throw pillows or unique knick-knacks that can be easily swapped out as the seasons change – and obviously, as your mood changes.      

Love how your statement necklace dresses up a Plain Jane outfit by adding an air of sophistication without much effort? Statement light fixtures are the dominating interior design trend in many homes this year for the same reasons. Glass bell jars with Edison light bulbs, grid-like fixtures, brass, and smoked glass decorative lamps and chandeliers are in high demand right now. The incandescent glow produced by these lighting fixtures creates a feeling of calmness and beauty, which is so very important as our schedules become busier and busier with each passing day.

Say goodbye to your Chevron prints and vinyl wall décor that spells out your family’s love for each other or for good food. Say hello to textured walls of cork and accents with honeycomb patterns. Texture adds depth to your décor. If you are itching for a pattern on your wall, try a diamond patterned contrast wall as shown below on or install our cork wall tiles in a checker board fashion. We love the pairing of our Ebony and Rock cork wall tiles. You can order a sample here. Or if you know exactly what you want, go ahead and use our handy calculator to determine the number of cartons you will need to complete your project this week or call our helpful staff to discuss your options today!


Texture can also be added with window coverings such as the gorgeous custom made lace curtains or handmade throw pillow both shown below by Pandora de Balthazar. These items can add luxury to a neutral background without taking away from the overall simplicity of your design.  

Furthermore, driftwood and reclaimed wood give a room a weathered look without being too rustic. Bringing the natural beauty indoors is an easy transition this year. Designer Jim Gauthier’s New England home is a beautiful example of how to combine earthy elements with bright colors and comfortable furniture. “This is our place to get away from everything. Even on the worst of days, even during a blizzard, this house feels great. It’s a place that makes people happy,” Gauthier says. And isn’t that what a home is all about? Making the people inside feel happiness and security? Other options for incorporating driftwood or reclaimed wood into your living space can be seen below from the rafters to the walls.

And surprisingly enough, sectional sofas are in vogue right now! Like we said, everything old is new again… Sectionals are the perfect piece for entertaining a large group or snuggling up with your family and pets to read, watch a movie, or simply to nap – stretch out! There’s plenty of room! What more could you ask for when hunkering down for a Netflix marathon?

Whatever trends you decide to incorporate into your home this season, make sure you are in love with your choices because you will literally be living with the end result for a while. Obviously some sustainable home décor choices are more permanent than others, i.e. flooring –vs- a collection of small vases. But either way, we encourage you to branch out and try something new this Spring. You never know what your taste buds may desire until you step outside your box and try something adventurous with interior design. Start small or go forth with gusto!

Customer Q&A - Cork Accent Walls

A customer recently asked us about using our cork wall tiles as an accent piece rather than an entire wall covering. We thought you might have the same questions and we thought why not share with everyone!

Using AmCork’s cork wall tiles for accent wall design rather than covering the entire wall is extremely acceptable and is an upward moving trend of 2015. We aren’t talking about a “cork board wall” where one would pin notes, children’s artwork, and the like, which is a wonderful use, but rather allowing the cork wall tiles to act as a piece of art to define a specific area of the room of your choosing. One of our most popular selections is our Blizzard cork wall tile. This easy neutral will compliment any room without distracting the viewer with too much color and busyness. Designer Sheena Murphy of Sheep + Stone utilized this particular selection when creating an office space for Scandinavian gaming company Dots HQ in NYC. She selected the Blizzard cork wall tile to serve two purposes – to control acoustics and to allow documents to be easily pinned for temporary access. She wrapped the cork wall tile around the entire length of the office to allow for fluid movement and design throughout. Other neutral options are Caribbean, Coral, Ebony, Rain, Rock, Stone, and White Sea cork wall tiles – enough varieties to suit anyone’s traditional tastes.

So that covers the neutral aspects of using AmCork’s cork wall tiles as a soft variant in décor... Now, let’s talk the bold and the beautiful! Imagine accenting a single wall above the master bed or as a glorified chair rail in your formal dining room with any of the following varieties: Cherry, Chocolate, Grape, Iris Mocha, Limestone, Pumpkin, or my favorite Tree Bark cork wall tiles. The assortment of color patterns and themes that you could play with and incorporate into your design are endless! Forget slate above the fireplace – install cork wall tiles. Forget a tile backsplash – install cork wall tiles. Forget the Excedrin while your teenager practices their band instrument – install cork wall tiles. Forget painting one wall in a dramatic share - install cork wall tiles.

AmCork proudly offers 22 different varieties of cork wall tiles. The benefits are endless – both for you and for the environment. In fact, we write about them here, here, and here too! We import only the finest Portuguese cork because we value your satisfaction. We love cork and we love to educate the public about the environmental and personal benefits of bringing cork into your home and office. Therefore, we have to offer an environmentally friendly product we can stand behind. Make no doubt about it – you will be thrilled with your purchase and easy installation… So much so, you will probably begin planning your next home improvement project shortly after completing your first! Happy decorating friends!