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Installation Guidelines for AmCork Cork Wall Tiles

Download Install Guide - Cork Wall Tiles

Download AmCork Install Guide - Cork Wall Tiles (PDF Document)

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AmCork Install Guide - Cork Wall Tiles



Open cartons must be at job site for 48-72 hours prior to cork tile installation. During storage and installation, maintain temperature and relative humidity to level consistent to conditions that will prevail when building is occupied. With improper acclimation, the tiles could expand or contract after installation. Substrates can be drywall, plywood, particleboard, or cured dry concrete. Substrate must be clean, dry, smooth, & moisture and dust free prior to installation.


For best wall tile installation results, lay tiles with staggered joints (brick pattern). Mix tiles from various cartons to maintain natural variation of color and pattern. A utility knife can be used to cut wall tiles.


Use Liquid Nails, HEAVY DUTY (blue label) to install wall tile on drywall or wood substrates. For other substrates call our technical support at (888) 955-CORK. Coverage is 1 – 10 oz. caulking tube of Heavy Duty per 11 tiles. Apply a small bead of adhesive around the backside perimeter of the wall tile and from all comers to the center forming an X. Apply pressure to cork wall tiles several times in every direction in order to set tiles or use a small hand roller.


Most wall tiles are factory protected with a wax finish. Some styles are available without a finish. You may use a food grade mineral oil made by Howard labeled "Butcher Block & Cutting Board Oil". If you are not using the tiles as a bulletin board you may also use a water based clear polyurethane such as "Verathane" also available at most hardware stores including Home Depot & Lowe's. Flame Stop, Inc. produces a fire retardant that can be sprayed on to unfinished tiles to obtain a Class C fire rating. The products identification is Flame Stop II.


Tiles can be cleaned using a damp clean cloth. Cork wall tiles, like any other wood or cork floor, will fade if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.