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Cork Flooring Installation Accessories

We offer the finest cork flooring supplies that are best suited for our products to achieve proper cork flooring installation from start to finish and maintain the beauty of the high quality cork products offered by AmCork. We offer underlayment, cork underlayment adhesive, finish, applicators, and cork flooring supplies for our clients to order so that you do not have to make additional shopping trips to accomplish your decorating dreams. We pride ourselves in making the cork installation an easy process as any home or office renovation can be stressful. Offering these cork flooring supplies to you in a one stop shopping capacity is just another way we elevate the purchasing experience and remove any stress from the process. The cork flooring installation products we offer achieve the highest long-term success with our cork products. 

We proudly offer our AmCork cork rolls and cork sheets for fitting under alternate flooring configurations such as hardwood, these same cork flooring supplies can be used for acoustic absorption in the construction of high rise condominiums as well as the renovation of older buildings. Both cork accessories come in a variety of thicknesses.

Additionally, AmCork proudly offers Bona products for the preparation and care of your cork flooring and more. Just as AmCork products are backed by the GreenGuard Certification, so are Bona products. It would defeat the purpose of purchasing low emission cork products only to dump a bunch of chemicals over it to seal. If you are refinishing existing cork floors, Bona Prep & Recoat is vital in the preparation and conditioning of your cork flooring for the optimal adhesion of a new coat of finish. Quick and easy, this flooring installation accessory is meant to take the guesswork out of the equation. Simply spray and mop. No special training or additional tools are required. 

Whether refinishing cork floors or sealing newly installed floors, we recommend Bona Traffic Polyurethane Satin Finish for commercial and residential use. It is UL classified for slip resistance and allows for an exceptional build with excellent flow and leveling. This product is VOC compliant. Bona Traffic has beat out all competition to quickly become the industry’s premium finish for its durability and beauty. Our cork flooring finish applicator kit is available for polyurethane finishes. We highly suggest the purchase of this applicator kit when installing your sustainable cork flooring.  

Lastly, AmCork recommends DriTac 6200 Cork Adhesive for pressure sensitive flooring. This tile flooring adhesive has been tested and proven as the leading cork adhesive for installing cork flooring underlayment and cork tiles. Flooring contractors, installers, and architects continue to find DriTac 6200 cork flooring adhesive to have excellent bonding strength, superior tack, and long open time ideally suited to commercial, residential, and institutional installations and applications.