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Cork Rolls & Sheets - Floor, Wall, & Ceiling

Cork Rolls and Cork Underlayment Sheets are well known for their natural ability to be acoustically absorbent which is why they work well under hardwood floors or ceramic tiles. The natural shock absorbency and hypo allergenic properties of cork floor underlayment sheets make them a fantastic alternative to carpet pads. Its inherent thermal characteristic is appealing for flooring underlayment, walls, and ceiling applications. Cork board rolls and sheets of cork board are often a requirement by building codes, condominium associations, architects, and other high rise structures for sound control.

Our Cork Roll Insulation is offered in three thicknesses to meet your needs. Additionally, we provide four different thicknesses for our Cork Floor Underlayment Sheets; just another way we offer a more comprehensive selection of cork insulation products to our clients whose needs are unique and ever changing. 

Cork board rolls and cork board sheets are not suitable finished cork flooring options. Please shop our wide variety of finished sustainable flooring options if that is what you desire.

Furthermore, AmCork's Cork Board Rolls and Cork Board Sheets are great for basic bulletin boards and are easy to cut for the perfect fit. Perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers who love to sponge paint, burlap frame, and perfect the art of shabby chic. However, if you are looking for a professional framed bulletin board constructed on your behalf, be sure to check out our Cork Board products. 

Our eco-friendly cork board rolls and cork flooring sheets are naturally mold and mildew resistant as well as being a completely renewable resource. The endless benefits for rolls of cork all contribute to a healthy indoor environment for your home or office. Never settle when your home and your health are on the line. Choose a cork underlayment installation product that is beneficial to you and the environment. Backed by our 25 year warranty and GreenGuard’s certification of products with low chemical emissions, you are sure to be pleased with your rolled cork board and cork subfloor.


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