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Installation Guidelines for AmCork Tree Bark Cork Wall Tiles

Download Install Guide - Tree Bark - Cork Wall Tiles

Download AmCork Install Guide - Tree Bark - Cork Wall Tiles (PDF Document)

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AmCork Install Guide - Tree Bark Cork Wall Tiles


Open cartons must be at job site for 48-72 hours prior to installation. During storage and installation, maintain temperature and relative humidity to a level consistent to conditions that will prevail when building is occupied. With improper acclimation, the tiles could expand or contract after installation. It is best to install on new drywall. Other substrates can be plywood, particleboard, or cured dry concrete. If you are using a pre-existing substrate it needs to be secure, clean, and free of loose paint, debris, dust, and moisture prior to installing the tiles.


These textured wall tiles have a natural bark pattern that will differ in appearance with each tile. Select from different tiles to best match the adjacent pattern particularly at the seams. For the best results when installing tile, lay them with staggered joints (brick pattern). Use a fine toothed table saw or circular saw to cut the textured tiles.


Due to the natural composition of these textured wall tiles, which are not smooth, you will need to use our specified high bond double sided tape. Rolls of tape are 2 in x 40 ft. To apply start by cutting 2 strips of tape approximately 22 inches long and adhere each to the top and bottom back of the cork wall tiles. Press the tape firmly to achieve proper contact to the tile. One roll of adhesive tape covers approximately 11 tiles. For ceiling applications apply an extra strip of tape to the center of each tile to ensure a strong bond. One roll of tape covers approximately 7 tiles. In additional you may further secure the tiles in any application by using brad nails.

Once you have determined the position of each bark tile peel the protective white strip from the tape and firmly press the tile in place making sure that it is secure. This double sided tape provides an immediate bond to the substrate making it very difficult to remove.


These textured wall tiles are natural (no finish). You may use a food grade mineral oil made by Howard labeled “Butcher Block & Cutting Board Oil”. Application of the oil is best achieved by using a spray bottle. Flame Stop, Inc. produces a fire retardant that can be sprayed onto unfinished tiles to obtain a Class C fire rating (Product - DSII). If using these products together you will need to apply the Flame Stop prior to using the mineral oil.


Cork tiles like any other wood product will fade if exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. A light duster, soft brush, or vacuum can be used to clean the tree bark wall covering.


We have a YouTube installation video on how to lay tiles for the Tree Bark Cork Wall Tile.