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Cork Wall Tile Slats

Introducing our newest collection, Cork Wall Tile Slats. This new style of cork wall coverings is considerably smaller in width than our normal cork wall tiles. This allows you to install the decorative wall covering panels in tighter spaces, become more creative in the installation pattern, and simply have more overall control of the acoustic wall slats.

Reflective of wood slat flooring or subway tiles, these cork wall covering tiles are made from 100% pure Portuguese cork and are backed by our GreenGuard certification of low chemical emissions. We believe that cork should be as close to its natural state as possible, allowing you to gain the most health benefits possible from this natural material. Add texture and character to your interior d├ęcor by creating a DIY wall covering with these slat board panels.

Several of our cork wall tile slats have a distressed look, which fits in with the current home and office decorating trends. Forego the harmful paint fumes, and install cork slat tile! We offer a 25-year product warranty on all cork flooring and wall coverings because we believe in our product and its many benefits. Our cork wall covering tile can be installed as total wall coverings, kitchen backsplashes, cabinet inlays, decorative headboards, inspiration walls, and more. There is no limit on how you could use our cork wall tile slats, only a limit on your imagination.