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Who doesn’t like FREE? If that’s you, go ahead and stop reading now. But, if you are a lover of all things FREE, AmCork is proudly offering our clients FREE shipping on all cork roll and cork sheet products*. Our cork rolls and cork sheets are great basics for bulletin boards – teachers and churches love them! But that is not all they’re only purpose. In fact, that is kind of a wonderful side effect of our cork products.

Many new construction projects or renovations have requirements for sound control, especially in close communities and high-rise structures. Installing AmCork’s cork rolls or cork sheets as part of the substructure will easily resolve this requirement and will give you more than a single feature meant specifically for acoustic absorbency. In fact, cork rolls and cork sheets offer all the usual suspects in benefits – they are excellent insulators of both acoustics and temperature; they offer superb shock absorbency and hypo-allergenic qualities,  which makes them an ideal alternative to carpet pads that will only trap the dirt and allergens in your home or office. While cork rolls and cork sheets are not suitable as a finished flooring product, they do offer themselves up as the perfect underlayment to flooring, walls, and ceiling applications. 

Read more about underlayment needs in our blog "How Easy Is It."

Our cork rolls are offered in a variety of sizes and thickness. Select from 3mm (1/8”)-6mm (1/4”) in a variety of lengths from 100 sq feet to 800 sq feet depending on your needs. This product comes exactly as you would expect it – in a large roll. These cork rolls are easy to install and manipulate depending on your needs. Similarly, our cork sheets are also offered in an assortment of sizes to meet the thicknesses and square footage requirements of your project.  Shop online or contact one of our helpful sales experts to find out specifically how these products will elevate your renovation or new construction project! And don't forget the FREE shipping! Oh happy day!


*Some exclusions may apply

March 18, 2015

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