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AmCork, dba American Cork Products, has recently received a new certification showcasing environmentally friendly manufacturing and interior products offered in its product line. AmCork offers a full line of designer cork products that both beautify as well as promote a green building for your home or office needs. Already associated as an Eco-Friendly Green Product, AmCork, offers only the finest in Portuguese cork. And now, AmCork has received the illustrious GreenGuard Gold Certification from UL Environment.

GreenGuard Certification is based on some of the most stringent chemical standards in the world. By recognizing “voluntary standards to establish requirements for low-emitting products used in indoor environments,” GreenGuard Certification allows the consumer to trust that they are choosing a product which will promote a healthy environment and keep chemical emissions in the home or office to a minimum. All companies offering products certified by UL Environment are screened for carcinogens and reproductive toxins as well as many other self-emitting chemicals commonly found in interior products sold for homes or businesses. “UL Environment works to advance global sustainability, environmental health, and safety by supporting the growth and development of environmentally preferable products, services, and organizations.”

The GreenGuard Certification satisfies requirements of numerous green building and design programs, building codes, and policies. “These include LEED, GSA Advantage!, CHPS, the International Green Construction Code, and EU guidelines and directives.” This certification validates and creates a sense of confidence between consumers and retailers through its strenuous vetting process. Basically, you know the cork product you are purchasing is going to have the best benefit for the environment as well as the lowest chemical emissions for your home or office.

AmCork understands that our clients choose our products because they want to create a more sustainable environment. We offer a natural, renewable material that extends many health and environmental benefits when installed into any type of building. We submit to you sustainable products ranging from practical, though beautiful, in our cork flooring and cork wall covering, to whimsical custom framed cork boards for your office or kitchen. AmCork also offers the practical products all installations require including cork rolls, boards, and install materials. Each product we offer is hand selected by superior buyers to reflect our responsibility to our consumers as well as to Mother Nature. We offer sumptuous cork tile flooring and wall tile materials that will transform any space you choose. Shop our GreenGuard Gold Certified flooring today to discover a world of beauty, both inside and out!

June 03, 2015

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