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Welcome our Newest Cork Wall Tiles


Have you taken a moment to view our newest additions to our Cork Wall Tile inventory? Well, if you haven't, let me be the first to say that they are stunning! Don't have a creative bone in your body, but want to stay on point with cutting decor trends? We've got you covered. Check our our designer accent cork wall panels: 3D Blocks, Black Rivers, and White Rivers. These decorative cork tiles are simply to die for! The linear design easily translates into most environments and is perfect for statement walls, back splashes, or cabinet inlay to give a few ideas. Truly, their use is limited only by your needs and desires. Each carton contains 10 tiles and will cover just over 37 square feet of real estate.

As with all of our cork décor products, these Designer Accent Cork Panels are backed by our 25 year warranty and are certified for low chemical emissions with the GreenGuard Gold standard. Contact our design pros to make your order today or for assistance with more detailed installation questions. Eco friendly décor never looked so good!

2016 Pantones of the Year

For the first time ever, two shades have been blended to create a softer color palette for 2016. Just as we mentioned above, our day-to-day lives have become a study of how busy and consumed we can be within a single 24-hour period of time. We compete with non-existent Joneses for Busiest Person of the Year. With that being said, our home should be an escape from the madness of the rat race, our oasis. And an oasis demands tranquility and peacefulness. “Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.”

Stay on trend with these two Pantones of the Year, which are easily paired with our Opal Cork Flooring Tile, Summer Cream Cork Flooring, or our Tropical White Cork Flooring and Tiles. These light and colorful tile flooring suggestions will allow the naturally relaxing and color pleasing pantones be the centerpiece of your décor. Embrace Pantone 13-1520 & Pantone 15-3919 as you rediscover balance in your life, both personally and professionally.

New Year's Resolutions

A new year; a new project. It’s time to complete something new that will benefit you, your home, and your planet. It’s time to renovate. It’s time to complete last year’s home improvement resolutions and projects with cork design ideas from AmCork.

We all have a habit of subconsciously resolving to NOT complete our New Year’s resolutions. However, this year, let us help you keep one. Let us help you transform a room or two in your home with our stylish cork wall tiles. We offer over 20 different varieties of cork wall tiles. Each offers their own unique look and feel. And yes, we literally mean feel! Bringing natural cork into your home transcends the average coat of paint or sheet of wallpaper. Installing cork brings a little of the Mediterranean right into your room.

AmCork only imports 100% Portuguese natural cork. We work closely with our distributers to bring you the finest products at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing beauty and resiliency. When you install our cork wall tiles, you gain so many benefits beyond a facelift for your walls. Cork is a natural acoustic and thermal insulator which can offer huge benefits depending on what room you  are installing the cork as well as where you live (i.e. high rise, apartment,  or condo). Cork tile also naturally boasts its hypo-allergenic nature offering countless benefits.

Some of our more popular cork wall panel products are Tree Bark Cork Wall Tiles, Blizzard Cork Wall Tiles, and Coral Cork Wall Tiles. But may we suggest a few off the beaten track for your home improvement resolutions? Check out our Limestone Cork Wall Tiles, the Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles, and our Chocolate Cork Wall Tiles. Each of these offer unique color variations and would look stunning on a focus wall or adjoining walls.

We take all the guesswork out of installing our cork products with our handy installation guides and our product calculator on each page to help you calculate the installation products you will need to complete your project based on area or square footage. No excuses now!

We resolve to continue bringing you the benefits and beauty of cork with our decorative cork tile and insulation products. We hope that you will resolve to joining us this year and bring a little cork design into your life. Cork doesn’t have to be something that you just pop on New Year’s Eve!

Our Holiday Luxury Wish List

10.  Modern meets minimalism with the Topanga Sofa from Jonathan Adler. This striated velvet sofa is stunning in Valhalla Pewter and pairs well with the next item on this Christmas List. $3950

9.  Rustle up some urban flare with this Light Grey Cowhide Throw Rug. 6’X6’ $585

8.  Metal & Wood Table from Zara Home. These smaller teak & steel tables can be paired to act as a coffee table option or used singularly as bedside tables. $269

7.  These gorgeous Tour Champagne Flutes would make an excellent way to toast the New Year! $12.95/glass

6.  AmCork’s Opal Cork Flooring will brighten your dining room or living area. 100% Portuguese cork. $138/carton with each carton covering up to 36 square feet.

5.  Relax and unwind while sharing the adventures of your day with your family seated around the Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Dining Table from West Elm. $999 for 72” table. Can mix & match benches or chair seating options to fit your needs.

4.  Custom Framed Luxury Cork Board. Upgrade your office with our custom made, framed cork board. We especially love the Province Sage wood option paired with our Rain Cork selection, but feel free to explore all the options and find YOUR favorite pairing today. 30 x 30 square cork board for $325

3.  We love the color palettes found in the Klimt: Tannenwald I print or the Matisse: Blue Nude II framed prints from MOMA. $185/print

2.  Upgrade your patio seating with this well designed Metal Disk Chair from Atlanta boutique Pieces, Inc. $650 each

1.  And our Top Luxury Wish List Item for 2015 is our ever popular Blizzard Cork Wall Tile. This gorgeous wall covering is eco-friendly and absorbs acoustical noise while also giving depth and beauty where installed. Also great as a ceiling tile option. $77/carton covering approximately 22 square feet per carton.

    Don't Miss our Annual Fall Sale!

    Don't forget to shop our amazing Fall Sale! A great selection of cork wall tiles and cork flooring discounted up to 35% off is available in our "Specials" shopping section. This annual sale will end November 27th but availability may run low as many of our TOP sellers are in this sale. Shop today to get the best discount on the best selection of cork products. All of our cork flooring and cork wall tiles are backed by our GreenGuard Certification as well as our 25 year warranty. We import only the best 100% Portuguese cork for our clients to install in their homes or offices. Bring beauty inside with our annual flooring and wall tile sale!

    Combating Carbon With Cork


    Who knew that once you passed high school chemistry, a robust knowledge of carbon would be vital not only to your future but to the future of our planet? The world measures and quantifies carbon emissions on a global scale, tracking its effects on the planet as a whole. We all remember the rudimentary lesson that human beings breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Our chemistry teacher may have further expounded that plants in our homes improve the quality of our air. Why? Because plants breathe in carbon dioxide, effectively removing it from the atmosphere. And in 2013 approximately 82% of all US greenhouse gas emissions were from human activity (i.e. the burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for energy).

    According to the EPA, the most effective way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Motor vehicle standards are revised annually to mandate more fuel-efficient vehicles. Energy Star programs have been developed in the US for more energy efficient appliances. Home and office conservation standards are constantly reviewed and new ways to reduce our personal carbon footprint are issued each year. We may have even become tired of hearing about this problem. But tired or not, the crisis will not go away just because we stick our heads in the ground or play the blame game.

    At AmCork, we are constantly touting that cork is an extremely eco-friendly material. But did you know a cork oak that has been harvested is a carbon absorbing material that will absorb three to five times more carbon than a non-harvested tree? A recent study cited that Portuguese cork forests can absorb 4.8 million tons of carbon per year. Considering that carbon emissions in 2013 measured 9.9 BILLION metric tons, this may not seem significant, but it is! This carbon emission reduction is a huge offset of what we are producing on an annual basis.

    Not a single gram of cork is wasted when harvested. Every last speck is used, even the finely ground pieces. What other resource of Eco-friendly materials can tout that as a claim to fame? And considering that the cork oak is never cut down and can be harvested over and over again through its self-renewing properties,
     I’d say it’s a pretty big deal. Our cork products are made of 100% Portuguese cork. We work tirelessly with our distributors to ensure that the most Eco-friendly harvesting methods are used. We are proud to offer cork products to our clients that we can firmly stand behind as not only beautiful, but beneficial to the planet we all call home. So when you consider sustainable flooring and wall covering options, we highly encourage you to consider cork tile. We promise you will not be disappointed. And Mother Earth will thank you!

    Naturally Pleasing Neutrals

    Introducing our beautiful neutral cork flooring collection (from left to right): Opal Cork Tiles, Snow Cork Flooring, Summer Cream Cork Flooring, and Tropical White Cork Flooring & Tiles. These stunning white cork tiles from our cork flooring inventory can easily be introduced into almost any existing room color or interior décor.


    Our Opal Cork Floor Tiles are white in tone and can bring light to any room, especially with natural light is available. This white cork board has a fused granular pattern that's understated and natural. Similar in pattern is our Snow Cork Flooring. This selection boasts a rich cream color palette. Another popular option in the cream color family is our Summer Cream Cork Flooring. This, just as its name suggests, features a sun kissed cream pantone. Lastly, our Tropical White Cork Flooring and Tile selections are designed to resemble planks of hardwood flooring no matter if you install our parquet or floating floor planks. The speckled grainy look of the tile is quite attractive in bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as kitchens. This cream color floor tile also pairs easily with dark wood furniture.

    Each of these neutral floor tiles would be beautifully set off by the trendy royal blue of Fall 2015. As always, all of our cork flooring options are 100% Portuguese cork, hand harvested with the greatest of care. Our product is backed by out Greenguard certification and a 25 year warranty. Shop our wide selection today to find the cork flooring or cork wall tiles you’ve been searching for!

    Fall 2015 Decorating Trends


    Fall interior decorating trends are all about decadence; rich fabrics and textures, bold colors, and extravagant accessories, all reminiscent of the 1950’s haute couture of France. While Marsala continues to reign as the year’s pantone, deep blues are emerging in every room of the home this Fall. These regal blues are easily paired with this rich neutral which blends grey and beige easily offering both cool and warm tones in one paint color depending on how you accent it. We also love the stark contrast between the blue of the moment and our Blizzard Cork Wall Tiles. Beautiful things could be done with the pairing of these two…


    Raw grains are an extremely popular interior home finish right now, making it the perfect time to showcase your cork walls and flooring. A natural texture is revealed in each of our cork flooring patterns. Think of installing cork interior home finishes in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Honeycomb continues to be the most popular geometric shape in patterns for 2015 and could easily be created with geometric shapes in a custom designed cork floor or back splash pattern. Not feeling adventurous? Try our subway patterned Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles for a stylish and easy update to your walls. Lastly, Industrial accents are being installed in many homes and offices this fall, boldly standing out against more natural elements of your decor. Copper can be a nice home finish that easily lends itself to a softer industrial feel in your décor if you are not into the starker metals.


    How Do You Houzz?

    One of my favorite places to find inspiration for home remodeling is Houzz. This website is perfect for interior design ideas with a fantastic design that is clean and easy to navigate. It offers inspiration, as well as the opportunity to purchase items from retailers and find professionals in your area. You can find AmCork on Houzz here. Our Houzz page contains product information as well as the ability to purchase our cork products, project inspirations, contact, and website info. Additionally we offer the ability to leave reviews, ask questions, and more.

    In this day and age of digital information and social media, we try to remain relevant and offer our clients as many opportunities to interact with us as possible. You can find AmCork on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, We Heart It, YouTube, and Houzz. We will continue growing our reach in the ever expanding social media world. Of course you can also continue to stay up to date on our website and through our blog. We offer cork product news, introduction to new products, website updates, trending information and more on our blog.

    We know that social media is an ever present outlet for so many people and gives users an opportunity “window shop” online before deciding which products or companies to give serious consideration. Where do you go to find inspiration? Where to you go to find an expert or a particular type of product? Let us know and we will look into moving into your sphere of the digital world. We love to hear from our past, present, and future clients, and wish to be accessible to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Introducing Buyable Pins from Pinterest

    If you are like me, you love to design your home on Pinterest. I have spent countless insomnia driven hours imagining my dream home or desired renovations to my existing home. I have pinned a plethora of fabric swatches, paint colors, outdoor garden entertaining areas, master bed and bath designs, and so much more to my “dream” boards. I am very aware that I could never begin to imitate some of these projects, but others are very achievable if I could only find the time and materials to bring them to reality.

    Now Pinterest has taken the guesswork out of some of the pins and introduced “buyable pins.” Have you seen these? If you pin or browse solely on your desktop computer, probably not, but for all iPhone and iPad dreamers and pinners, many merchants are able to turn their “rich pins” into “buyable pins" on Pinterest. This means no more hopping out of the Pinterest app only to have to find your desired products on the manufacturers’ site and add to cart in order to purchase them. Now, you can purchase them directly in the Pinterest mobile app! This is exciting news for many like me. It means I am one step closer to making my dreams a reality.

    Only a limited number of partnerships have been made between Pinterest and manufacturers in this exciting new venture since their July launch. Here at AmCork, we are always striving to innovate and stay relevant in this ever changing e-commerce market, and we are proud to offer “buyable pins” through this new feature in the Pinterest mobile app.

    If you do not have the Pinterest app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can download it here. Then, simply go to our AmCork Pinterest page and begin shopping anywhere you see the blue “Buy It” button. Your purchase still occurs in our secure online ordering system and your information is never at risk. You can still order direct through our website as well. Be sure to follow our boards to stay up to date about cork, home décor, and design trends. We are very excited about this new partnership and would love to hear feedback from you! Now, go get pinning you savvy interior decorator!