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A new year; a new project. It’s time to complete something new that will benefit you, your home, and your planet. It’s time to renovate. It’s time to complete last year’s home improvement resolutions and projects with cork design ideas from AmCork.

We all have a habit of subconsciously resolving to NOT complete our New Year’s resolutions. However, this year, let us help you keep one. Let us help you transform a room or two in your home with our stylish cork wall tiles. We offer over 20 different varieties of cork wall tiles. Each offers their own unique look and feel. And yes, we literally mean feel! Bringing natural cork into your home transcends the average coat of paint or sheet of wallpaper. Installing cork brings a little of the Mediterranean right into your room.

AmCork only imports 100% Portuguese natural cork. We work closely with our distributers to bring you the finest products at the lowest cost possible without sacrificing beauty and resiliency. When you install our cork wall tiles, you gain so many benefits beyond a facelift for your walls. Cork is a natural acoustic and thermal insulator which can offer huge benefits depending on what room you  are installing the cork as well as where you live (i.e. high rise, apartment,  or condo). Cork tile also naturally boasts its hypo-allergenic nature offering countless benefits.

Some of our more popular cork wall panel products are Tree Bark Cork Wall Tiles, Blizzard Cork Wall Tiles, and Coral Cork Wall Tiles. But may we suggest a few off the beaten track for your home improvement resolutions? Check out our Limestone Cork Wall Tiles, the Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles, and our Chocolate Cork Wall Tiles. Each of these offer unique color variations and would look stunning on a focus wall or adjoining walls.

We take all the guesswork out of installing our cork products with our handy installation guides and our product calculator on each page to help you calculate the installation products you will need to complete your project based on area or square footage. No excuses now!

We resolve to continue bringing you the benefits and beauty of cork with our decorative cork tile and insulation products. We hope that you will resolve to joining us this year and bring a little cork design into your life. Cork doesn’t have to be something that you just pop on New Year’s Eve!

January 08, 2016

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