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We are still offering free shipping/freight on most of our cork roll and cork board orders. This is a HUGE savings to you as cork can be dense and a little heavy to ship when ordered in a higher quantity. Our cork rolls and cork boards can be used as insulators, bulletin board materials, and much more! The creativity is at your fingertips! And the shipping is on us!

Also on sale this week are four of our Top Sellers for Cork Wall Tiles. These cork products are different from our cork boards as they are decorative and meant as an adornment for an already established interior wall or room. These are great in any room in your home. They can add unexpected beauty and sophistication while also being easy to clean and maintain. Our cork products are the perfect addition to your home office, bedroom or media room where their acoustic and thermal properties would be most beneficial to you. Check out our Top Sellers below. (As seen from left to right: Charred Cork Wall Tile, Cherry Cork Wall Tile, Limestone Cork Wall Tile, and our ever popular Tree Bark Cork Wall Tile)

Charred Cork Wall Tiles    Cherry Cork Wall Tiles    Limestone Cork Wall Tiles    Tree Bark Cork Wall Tiles  

April 13, 2015

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