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Introducing the finest addition to our beautiful product line – our Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles! These cork wall tiles are made from reclaimed bulletin board cork, adding yet another layer to its’ renewable nature. Each tile is as unique as the cork tree from which it is born. The Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles warm up any room with its rich chocolate coloring and alternating pattern to resemble a much more tangible brick pattern in modern homes. These cork wall tiles could even be used as a ceiling tile creating richness from floor to ceiling.

As with all our products, the Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles are made from cork harvested from the finest Portuguese cork oaks. They are superior choices in hypo-allergenic and renewable resources to install in your home or office. This faux brick board would work beautifully in a lush bathroom accented by turquoise or clean white linen; a man cave would bestow its’ occupant with added masculinity; bedrooms would become tranquil sleeping sanctuaries; and living rooms would denote a modern edge with natural elements throughout to demonstrate this lovely green material. Our cork wall tiles are easy to install and can be done as a small DIY project or with the help of a contractor in a major renovation. And while they are easy to install, they are even easier to maintain. Cork Wall Tiles can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth to eliminate any dirt or dust. The hypo-allergenic nature of cork portends that they are mold and allergen resistant. As a bonus incentive, cork is also a natural acoustic and temperature insulator adding to the innate ingenuity of this material.

Unsure of how many cartons of faux brick board you will need? Select our handy calculator on each product page to input the square footage of your project. Our calculator will compute the number of cartons you will need of your Rustic Brick Cork Wall Tiles as well as any additional products the installation will require. You can add all of the faux brick paneling to your cart with the click of a button or customize your order for what you need. Our products are made from 100% Portuguese cork and are backed by our 25 year warranty. Order this fine new cork faux brick wall board today while it is being offered at a 20% discount while supplies last!

June 08, 2015

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