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Linen Ripples

Carton of 11 tiles (22 sqft)

Per Square Foot Price: $4.50


Linen Ripples cork wall tiles are the epitome of modern style. These highly textured cork linen looking tiles add immediate dimension to any indoor space. The creamy cork layers are pressed into a rippled shape with thin ridges running in a linear pattern. Flecked with hints of taupe and brown, the linen colored cork wall tile is almost lending itself to a beautiful pressed parchment.

All of our decorative sound dampening tiles for walls are made from 100% recycled Portuguese cork materials and are used as decorative tiles for wall coverings and in ceiling tile applications for the purposes of sound absorption and thermal insulation. The Linen Ripples cork wall tile is self-healing from push pins just like a regular cork pin board. Linen Ripples would make a beautiful backdrop to any space, bringing light to any room with its design and coloring. These linen pattern tiles can easily blend into any space, however they can also be a standout presence when installed in the right environment. These decorative acoustic panels for walls would be a lovely addition to your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or bath, bringing with it all of the benefits that cork products provide.

Cork is naturally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic making it the perfect choice for residential or commercial application. All of our cork products are easy to install; we even have step by step instructions for all you DIY’ers. Our decorative ripple effect wall tiles are a highly durable and are a breeze to maintain, install, and repair.

We believe in our cork wall tile panels and other cork products and stand behind them with a 25-year product warranty. We work hand in hand with our factory in Portugal to ensure we are providing our clients with a product that is top of the line. All of our natural cork ripple wall panels are also certified by GreenGuard as low emission products, keeping them as close to nature as possible.