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Tree Bark Cork Wall Tile

Carton of 2 Tiles (4 sqft)

Per Square Foot Price: $10.80



Our stunning Tree Bark cork wall tiles are created from the first harvest of the cork oak. The virgin bark of this tree bark tile is as unique as each cork tree, with natural knots and pitting seen throughout each cork tile. With a very masculine feel, these unique wall tiles are the perfect wall cover material for any man cave. However, while masculine, there is an undeniable beauty to this cork wall tile. We have seen these cork bark panels installed around fireplaces, in many commercial spaces, and as a headboard replacement. Its undeniably natural beauty even lends itself to be mounted as art itself. The ambiance of these tree bark wall textured tiles will leave any room warm and comfortable.

Just as the inner layers of the cork oak tree hold many beneficial properties such as being anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic, the Tree Bark cork wall tile offers the same benefits. Similarly, these cork bark tiles are natural thermal and acoustic insulators.  Restaurants, lobbies, and other public spaces would not only benefits from these natural properties, but also receive the advantage of a stunning visual installation. You will not find a finer example of natural decorating. Incorporating an array of colors, this ecological wonder is easy to bring into your existing home décor. If you are starting from scratch, install these textured tree bark wall panels first and then embellish your room around it.

All of our decorative wall tile products are easy to install. Our cork board is a highly durable material and is easy to maintain and repair! And while one side of the cork bark wall panel is visibly textured and coarse, the underside is smooth allowing it to be applied to most substrates without extra steps. As with our entire inventory of cork wall tiles, Tree Bark cork wall covering tiles are backed by our 25 year warranty. We stand by our products and want our clients to know that we bring them the best cork material on the market. Moreover, our Tree Bark cork wall tile is certified by GreenGuard as a low chemical emission product. Let’s face it; no one wants a natural product that is no longer natural.