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Limestone Cork Wall Tile

Carton of 11 Tiles (22 sqft)

Per Square Foot Price: $4.40



Get in touch with your “green” side by incorporating American Cork Products’ eco cork Limestone cork wall tiles into your home decor.  The natural cork tones of this wall cork board tiles are swirled with a green stain and interspersed with varying shades of light and dark sand. It is a visual portrayal of a swirling ocean shoreline. The texture of this wall cork board tile is smooth to the touch leaving a finished look to any surface. These faux limestone wall panels are playful, but can be distinguished as well depending on the design of the room environment in which it is installed.



AmCork wall cork board tiles are also perfect for making a decorative cork bulletin board, colorful cork pin boards, or a decorative backsplash that your family will adore. No matter how you install it, American Cork Products cork wall tiles are the right decorating material for the job. We have named this particular shade of our cork wall tile for a sedimentary rock, though it embodies only the colored beauty of limestone, not the tough, ragged rock.



All of our cork sheets for walls are made from 100% Portuguese recycled cork materials and are used in cork wall coverings and cork ceiling tile applications for the purposes of sound absorption and thermal insulation in addition to their obvious decorative nature. This cork limestone wall tile is self-healing from small, push pin sized holes, just like a regular cork pin board. Cork is naturally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic making it the perfect choice for residential or commercial application, especially in areas where children live or play, or in areas where cleanliness is highly necessary.



Additionally, all of our cork products are backed by our 25-year warranty. We offer some of the finest cork material on the market. This decorative limestone interior wall tile is also certified as a low chemical emission product by GreenGuard. The natural benefits of cork are abundant and we encourage you to incorporate them into your interior spaces today. Limestone cork wall tiles are simple to install. We have even taken the guesswork out of ordering the necessary installation supplies with our wall tile cost calculator that lists all needed materials based on your square footage. Our sustainable tile is highly durable and easy to maintain and repair; it will last for decades to come.