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Fall is all about comfort, layering, and lots of home cooking in my house. The season brings back memories of football games in the bleachers, hot cocoa in my mom’s kitchen, and holding hands on crisp autumn evenings. As an adult, fall begins the busy downward slope to the holidays, where every day is busier than the previous one. When I get home, all I want to do is take my shoes off, open a nice bottle of wine, and relax in the sanctuary we’ve created at home. Part of the sanctuary is our cork products. The comfort of the cork flooring cushioning each and every step is without a doubt one of my favorite things. The warmth and natural feel where cork wall tiles have been installed Is like a hug from your room. It’s inviting and relaxing; a true sanctuary or oasis.

Our Pumpkin Cork Wall Tile is the epitome of fall décor in color palette, but can easily be married into your existing interior decorating trends year around. The rich, textured pattern is laced with an inky black that beautifully compliments the deeply spiced pumpkin color that makes for an eye-catching autumn home décor feature. It would be a handsome fall interior design accent in a library or study, as well as in your master bathroom or mudroom. Additionally, our Night Cork Wall Tile is another rich accompaniment to your home décor in the same rooms. A tri-tone color palette of varying shades of chocolate brown are meshed together in this unique cork wall tile. It also makes a nice inset in cabinet facing in your kitchen or bathroom. Either color of cork wall tile could be layered with a lovely cream or maroon in your home or office to complete the look.

In contrast to our selection of rich and unique color palette selections for the walls this fall, we foresee a lighter, more neutral choice for fall flooring trends. We love the Tropical White, Whitewater, and Snow cork flooring options. For a little flair, we suggest the Speckled Cork Tiles with a neutral color spattered with ebony granules throughout. Each of these options can be incorporated into your existing décor or be a launching pad for a complete room overhaul. Unsure how they would fit in your existing décor? Order a sample of your choice today and “try us on” at home for your interior decorating project.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions about our products or about how to install cork. We offer support from beginning to end. With our online shopping, you can shop for your fall decorating projects at any time of the day or night. We won’t make fun of your fuzzy slippers – we promise! All of our cork products are back by our 25 year warranty and are GreenGuard certified as low emission products assuring you that what you are bringing into your home or office is good for you and good for the environment!

August 26, 2016

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