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Caribbean Cork Wall Tile

Carton of 11 Tiles (22 sqft)

Per Square Foot Price: $4.40



Bring a little of the Caribbean to your residential or commercial project when you select our Caribbean cork wall tiles. The Caribbean islands are internationally known for their warm, sandy beaches, and tropical waters; we have worked hard with our designers and fabricators to encapsulate the look and feel of a well-tanned, island getaway into our Caribbean cork bark wall tiles. The perfectly natural coloring is gently sprinkled with a rich chocolate brown. The texture of these cork bark wall tiles are stunning and instantly recognizable as cork material.

This natural cork panel design is quite the chameleon, lending itself to any environment. Our Caribbean cork wall tile is made from recycled cork wine stoppers and will be gorgeous in either a commercial wine cellar/fine dining setting or a low key, comfortable residential location. It can take center stage in your decorating palette or simply blend into the background allowing other materials in your oasis to be spotlighted. Cork is a natural acoustical and thermal absorbent material, which is an added benefit for commercial and residential high rise applications. AmCork natural cork wall tiles are ideal for creating a decorative cork bulletin board, a custom cork pin board, or a cork wall of designer cork board sheets. Different natural cork wall tiles can be combined to create unique wall pattern designs or allowed to stand out singularly as their own natural graces lend themselves to an attractive appearance for any room. No matter how you design it, American Cork Products natural cork bark wall tiles are the right material for your project. Uses are limited only by your imagination…

Cork is a naturally anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic renewable material making it the perfect choice for residential or commercial application. All our products are easy to install. Our natural cork tile products are a highly durable and, furthermore, are easy to maintain and repair. All our natural cork bark wall tiles and cork products are backed by our 25-year warranty. They have also been awarded with the GreenGuard certification for low chemical emission products because it would be obscene to add tons of chemicals to such a natural material. This sustainable tile is a natural thermal and acoustic insulator and brings many more benefits to the health of your home or office setting. Bring a little of the Caribbean into your next renovation project and always feel a little closer to nature with this natural wall tile.