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Have you noticed our newest product, Stacked Stone cork sheets? Have you fallen in love with this product? I know I sure have! These completely textural cork stone wall panels are the newest offering from our cork wall tile inventory. Visually, this cork wall tile creates faux stone walls similar to a slate stacked stone accent wall or a stacked wood siding.

While the Stacked Stone cork sheets may look like stone or wood, it is actually made from recycled wine cork strips. The rugged depth and texture within each hand laid strip gives each faux stone tile sheet a natural feel. This stacked stone cork tile would be amazing as a faux stone interior wall around a fireplace or as a replacement for a headboard in the bedroom.

Cork is an amazing naturally occurring material that comes from Portugal in the SW Mediterranean eco-region. It comes from the cork oak, Quercus suber, which grows in abundance in this region. Only the outer bark of the tree is removed on a highly controlled harvesting schedule that allows the tree to produce cork over and over again for up to 250 years.

Cork is a natural thermal and acoustic insulator that will keep your tootsies warm and your ears from ringing. It is easy to clean and maintain and just as easy to install too! Cork is an effortless way to introduce a natural element to your home décor. It helps reduce airborne allergens and is mildew resistant.  

Each cork stone bark product in our cork wall tile inventory is sold in a carton of two sheets covering approximately 12 square feet of wall space per carton. All of our cork products are backed by the GreenGuard certification that assures you that you are purchasing a low chemical emission product. Furthermore all cork tile sheets are guaranteed to last and be of good quality with our 25-year product warranty.   

November 17, 2016

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