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Back to school… It’s that time of year again, and gone are the days of plain dorm rooms. We are living in an age where white walls, a single cup coffee maker, and plain bunk beds are passé.  Nowadays, high school graduates want a room that is an extension of themselves; one that brings a little feeling of home to the college campus. Dorm rooms are being labeled “shabby chic” and “rustic” instead of basic and bland. Today, we wanted to give you some college dorm room wall inspiration that seriously has us wanting to go back to school!


First and foremost, your future scholar will need to be organized. Create a custom framed dorm room cork board with our cork wall tiles for the perfect way to kick off the year on the right foot! We offer two different sizes of cork boards – 30” X 40” and 30” X 30”. Then, you can customize your cork board to fit your décor with up to ten different frame colors that can be matched to one of five different cork board selections. Custom cork boards are available with our Caribbean, Coral, Ebony, Night, and Rain cork patterns to perfectly compliment your style and taste. If you would like to speak with one of our cork specialists on possibly using another cork style or if you need a different size to fit your space, we would love to hear from you. Create a custom pin board with our stylish cork wall tile options.


After you’ve gotten your college bound student on the road to organization, you can begin to accommodate their more basic needs like storage, bedding, wall décor, and more! West Elm and Pottery Barn, just to name a few, offer bedding options that will make your child’s time in bed seem like a true restful sanctuary. There are so many options, you may just decide to redecorate your master bedroom while you’re at it! You certainly won’t be lacking on inspiration.


Save space and skip the headboard in lieu of our gorgeous cork wall tiles. These will certainly elevate your college dorm décor as well as help with sound insulation. We know that is extremely important when cracking the books and pulling those all-night study sessions! Try our Iris Mocha, Stacked Stone, Rustic Brick, Tree Bark, or White Sea cork wall tiles, just to name a few,  to add instant style. These cork wall tiles  are made from recycled cork material direct from Portugal. These cork board tiles are a green material which will make your student a hit with the nature conservationists and Mother Earth.          

Lastly, don’t forget to link up with your favorite Young Living or Doterra specialist, or just pop into Bed, Bath, and Beyond to grab a diffuser and the right essential oils to make their room a paradise. Oils can be used to alter mood, focus when studying, restful sleep, and so much more. Be sure to put it on your list of college dorm room essentials for total success! Throw in under the bed storage options, a throw rug for those early morning treks to the bathroom, a seriously fast laptop for all your paper writing needs and you will be in business.

We wish each of you success in the coming academic year! All it takes is hard work and determination. You are the future of our planet; we depend on you!

August 03, 2018



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