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2017 is off to a running start! We have been having a banner year in the world of cork over here at AmCork. I know you all know how much we love our cork wall tiles, flooring, and more, but others are jumping on the cork bandwagon and incorporating it into decorating trends this year in a big way. This makes us so happy! Let’s explore a few of the trending cork board decorating ideas before we jump into our top selling AmCork products.                    






How fantastic are these barstools from! Bouchon Bar Stools in bronze, aluminum, and graphite currently on sale (as of blog posting) shaped like champagne corks with wire muselet cages add the perfect amount of sophisticated whimsy to your decorating scheme.

Check out these adorable and very stylish Cork Cord Wraps from Anthropologie. They are a steal at $12 for a set of two, and are much more appealing than the rat’s nest of cords you have to weed through in your handbag or your child’s backpack.

And lastly, we have this cork globe from, a site touted as “Crate and Barrel’s hip little sister”. Millennials and more will love to mark the places to which they’ve travelled and the places they want to travel to on this lovely cork board globe affixed to a stainless steel base.

We have curated these trendy accessories for home office décor to be easily paired with three AmCork cork wall tile designs. This decorative cork selection represents our top sellers for 2017 to date. Each cork décor product is unique and beautiful in its own rite.


Blizzard is one of our most popular designs and has once again secured the rank of Top Seller for the year. This cork wall tile design is perfect in any modern or contemporary décor. It can easily transition from corporate to residential settings and opens up any space. Adding texture and design to an otherwise plain room is easy to do with our Blizzard cork wall tiles.

Next up is our Coral cork wall tile. This design truly shows the natural cork in a beautiful pattern and color tone and leaves no wonder as to why it is in our Top Seller category. These sustainable cork wall tiles for sale show a side view or lateral view of the 100% pure Portuguese cork after it has been harvested. The tone and markings are what many think of when they think of cork.

Finally, we give you our Stacked Stone cork wall tile as the third ranking top seller of the year. This is one of our newer designs and has quickly become a fan favorite for obvious reasons. The rustic air of this pattern is inviting and yet highly fashionable when installed in your home or office.

Furthermore, these accessories can also be a cork stepping stone to our long lasting cork flooring inventory in your decorating endeavors. The following represent our top sellers for 2017 YTD.


Oceano cork flooring, available in both parquet and plank tiles, is the epitome of sophistication. This top selling cork flooring contains knots of rich merlot set against a honeyed base. This showstopper would be amazing in both residential and commercial settings and is sure to catch the eye.

Iris Mocha cork flooring planks are modern with their linear design. This comfortable and renewable flooring material is produced by layering the inner and outer sections of the cork oak, creating a distinctive pattern that will leave all the neighbors talking.

Finally, we present our Sea cork flooring planks to round out our Top 3 Sellers for 2017 to date. This smooth textured pattern has a rustic feel and would work well in interiors. Sea cork flooring planks only get better with age and are backed by our 25 year warranty.

We are thrilled to see cork products taking more of a center stage in home office organization and decorating rather than something limited to mid-century design and wine bottles. This highly renewable resource supports a vibrant eco-system and brings countless health benefits into your life. Shop our Top Selling cork wall tile and flooring inventory today to begin your journey into the world of cork.

May 30, 2017

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