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It’s a new year! And that means a new you, too! We love a new year because of the fresh start it allows in so many areas of our lives; whether it’s our health, eating habits, productivity, new ambitions, or a fresh palette for decorating, we love it all! So, buckle in, and let’s explore the upcoming trends for 2019.

There are two bold colors to be on the lookout for this year. The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is a refreshingly bright “Living Coral.” This beauty is great for adding a bold paint color to your walls or incorporating it into accessories throughout each room. It openly invites a more organic feel to each room. Draw on inspo from this color with small pops like these napkins for your table top from Anthropologie. Or go bold with this stunning Moroccan wool rug from ABC Carpet & Home.

The second color to be on the lookout for is another bold choice, Night Watch. This dramatic forest green is as dense as night, and yet, makes a lush statement in any room. We love this fun techy accessory from Anthro to bring a bit of it into the world with you while leaving the rest on your walls. Both of these choices can be paired with our natural cork materials. Our Sea Bark Cork Flooring is the perfect pairing to Night Watch for added flair. Or tone these colors down with a simpler selection like our Summer Cream Cork Flooring. Both will continue the look and feel of natural materials and colors, as well as bring you all the benefits of using cork in your interior environments.


Other trends for 2019 that continue to soldier on from last year are the use of mixed metals in your home and office décor. We love this Reese mirror and Targua Moroccan coffee table, both from Anthropologie. They are stylistic, but not too over the top that you will need to replace them as trends change in the coming years. Or merge the mixed metal theme with the Night Watch shade in this Paje coffee table.  

Other ways to refresh your interiors are updating your lighting, choosing cork wall coverings over the uncooperative and unnatural choice of wallpaper, and statement ceilings. Did you know that you can use our cork wall tiles for your ceiling as well? Yes! The options are unlimited, as are your possibilities of a fruitful 2019! Browse our online store for all your decorating needs or consult with one of our cork experts for a more personalized experience. We want you to live the best life possible this year.


Cork promotes more than just a trendy fad; cork brings health and balance into your life and to our environment. Just to name a few, cork can help decrease joint pain when used as a sustainable flooring material, decreases allergens, and increases thermal and acoustic insulation. And while all the interior design and home décor trend advisers are offering bold choices for 2019, don’t be afraid to go your own route… our newly restocked Sandcastle Collection is a nice colorful cork alternative for interior finishes in soothing shades reminiscent of the beach, offering you peace and mindfulness.


January 09, 2019

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