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Take it from the King of Home Repair - Mr. Bob Vila!  This great article entitled "Eco-Friendly Flooring: 5 Ways to Go Green from the Bottom Up" showcases cork, bamboo, linoleum, 100% wool carpet, and renewable fiber carpets as green choices when upgrading your current flooring solution.  He states briefly that carpet, what you typically find in most homes across America, is usually "made from nylon, polyester, or vinyl—materials dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels."  Selecting a more renewable source is not only good for you and your immediate environment, but more so, it is better for the
planet's environment on the whole. We love the image provided for the cork flooring with this article! The creativity and ingenuity that can be displayed with cork flooring is endless!  As are the benefits for both your health and the health of our plant.  AmCork’s high quality natural cork flooring products are available in our floating cork floor planks and our cork floor tiles. Check our specials page for discounted cork flooring prices.  

October 22, 2013

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