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It has been said that a man’s home is his castle. Dorothy even told us there’s no place like home. And we, no doubt, feel most comfortable in our own home, surrounded by our luxurious cork flooring and wall coverings. However today, we wanted to bring you some unconventional home trends that we have seen recently with cork materials. These homes remind us that no one but you can say what makes a home a home to you!

The Japan Times showcased a cluster, or rather, a neighborhood of house boats located in Washington’s Gangplank  Marina. The article itself is rather entertaining, spotlighting not only the interior decorating trends seen on many of the  houseboats, but also on life itself within the marina. Eve Bratman brought her love of green design to her 42-foot vessel.  She describes her 400 sq. ft. living area décor as “eco-chic”. “ ‘We’ve got cork floors, wood accents, continuity of light …  and new Energy Star appliances,” as well as sustainably harvested wood and no volatile organic compound paint.’ ”

In only slightly larger living quarters, we find a new trend in housing – shipping container homes. And these owners are also focused on bringing in green decorating  trends to their small, but sometimes luxurious spaces. Some of these homes are the epitome of renewable energy and recycled beauty. Tiny House Talk showcases a container home where cork flooring is installed in the home, recycled gray water is used in the toilet for flushing, a hand held shower heated by a gravity fed solar hot water heater, and solar power are just a few items in the home’s décor that are energy and conservation efficient. This tiny home even boasts a miniature pool attachment!

If you've seen any cool cork designs in your area – whether interior or exterior – we’d love to have you submit    pictures and comments to us! And don’t forget to post it to our Facebook page and “like” it to stay up to date on cork  news and trends worldwide!

September 04, 2013

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