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… This is one of those phrases you are told as a child, teenager, college graduate, newly married, and so on.  It is how we express to another that they have unlimited potential; that one has the ability and freedom to go anywhere; do anything they want.  How amazing and uplifting is that sentiment?  It makes the heart swell and the imagination wander aimlessly down new and exciting avenues.  
But do we really live life as if the world were our oyster? How many of us claim our true, innate potential and release it upon the world full force?  Not many…  Oddly enough, I have been pondering this expression with regard to cork flooring lately.  Cork has always inspired me, sparked my curiosity, and illuminated a path less traveled.  Cork is not your run of the mill flooring selection, which only adds to its mystique.  Cork, in my opinion, has taken the world as its oyster and run with it all the way to the finish line!
Choosing flooring for your home or office may feel like you are stepping out on a limb; it’s a little exciting and a little trepidatious at the same time, especially if this is your first time installing and living with cork flooring. But have no fear! Cork tiles make for durable flooring options that will surpass your expectations.
Cork flooring is a natural choice that supports the natural, living environment while also improving your immediate environment.  It is innately mold and mildew resistant when installed in your home or office.  It is also a natural noise absorber, dampening acoustical volume.  
Another brilliant bonus with cork flooring is that even though it can appear dramatic and high maintenance, cork is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.  Simple sweeping and occasional damp mopping is all it takes to keep your cork floors looking showroom ready.  No lugging out heavy equipment; no major chemicals used to clean spills and stains.  It’s absolutely refreshing in this day and age, where time is so limited, to be able to have floors that are easy and efficient to clean; no more hassles.
We have talked in the past about the pros and cons of cork flooring.  We invite you, we implore you – The world is your oyster!  Step out and take a chance with cork flooring.  Unleash your inner creativity!  Cork flooring isn't growing in popularity for no reason!  People are finding out the wonders of cork and are excited to invite them into their homes and offices.  Bring the oyster into your home and unwrap the world of cork!

July 20, 2013

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