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We all know, especially if you have been following this blog, that cork is a “green” material.  We have even dappled with the question of its trendiness.  But there is now the question going around in the interior decorating world – Is cork flooring trendy or classic?  A trend, by definition, is “style or vogue”; “to emerge as a popular trend; to be popular.”  Well, in my humble opinion, popularity in flooring choices is what keeps the leaders in the forefront for decades at a time, thereby making them a classic.  In other words, if it wasn’t popular to begin with, it wouldn't have become a classic.  A Burberry trench coat is only a classic because it became popular and proved its worth in 1901, but its staying capacity in the market is what has made it a classic in fashionistas' closets even today.
The same is true with cork flooring.  Cork, as a flooring selection, has been around for more than a few decades.  Cork has been around for centuries and has continued to gain popularity over the years.  Yes, there has been a current resurgence in cork flooring over recent years, but in the 1970’s people also carpeted over gorgeous hardwood floors with shag carpeting.  In most people’s minds, hardwood is a classic choice in flooring; however, it too was once covered.  This only strengthens my argument, given the historical and trending interior data, that cork is a classic in flooring solutions.
Classics are like “soul food.”  They warm our hearts and make us feel good.  Classics give us confidence in the product be it famed artwork adorning our walls, respected brands that clothe our bodies, or conscientious choices for our interior décor. This confidence stems from a proven track record of being a timeless flooring product. Cork has certainly proven itself in this arena.  Cork flooring has long been touted for its eco-friendly properties, as well as its hypoallergenic nature.  Its durability has withstood all climates and centuries of well-worn use in many cases.
AmCork offers over 35 different cork flooring varieties to suit anyone’s palette. We offer many neutral, timeless flooring color choices as well as bolder selections for those who want to make a statement or like to keep their eye appealed with views draped in dramatic hues. We offer both floating cork floor plank and cork floor tile options so that you can decide what is best for your individual project and installation needs.
So, sink your teeth into the heart warming classic that is currently a home flooring trend – cork flooring!  We have exactly what you need!  Every room in your home begs with every fiber in its being to be covered in cork.  There isn't a room it doesn't work it!  Contact us today -

June 18, 2013

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