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Wall coverings have been around since approximately 200 BC when the Chinese began gluing rice paper to their walls as a means of expression and decoration.  Wall coverings have since ranged from wallpaper, tile, tin, carpet, stone, and many other creative materials of expression.  We have witnessed trends ranging from simple and understated to bold and textured cork accent walls. And in recent years, we have witnessed the modernism of cork wall coverings.
Cork, harvested from the Quercus suber (the cork oak), has gained popularity in recent decades for its many health and environmentally conscious properties.  Not only is it hypo-allergenic, but it is also highly self-sustainable and subsequently helps decrease the carbon levels of our current environment.  This miracle material can be found in all facets of life; from fashion to interior decorating; from health and lifestyle to the food industry.  There are few places in our lives that one would be hard pressed not to find cork in some form or fashion.
At AmCork, we love promoting only the highest quality cork floor tiles and cork wall tiles.  These products are lovingly selected for our customers by our team of cork experts so that when they are installed in your home or office, they are the finest reflection of your decorating vision.  Our cork wall tiles are highly versatile and can create a unique, attractive look in any room.  We suggest cork wall tiles for noisy rooms, or for rooms, such as bedrooms or baby nurseries, where peace and quiet is most important.  They can also be highly efficient in office and restaurant settings so that the entire world is not privy to your personal conversations.
We have also seen a surge in the use of cork wall tiles in the medical industry primarily for their hypo-allergenic properties.  Cork is naturally resistant to mold and mildew making it a premium choice in “sick” environments.  By naturally blending the health conscious properties of cork with its sound absorbing qualities, this organic product seems like a no-brainer when deciding how to decorate or renovate your next home or office project.
All of our cork board sheets are made from recycled cork materials and are used in cork wall coverings and cork ceiling tile applications for the purposes of sound absorption and thermal insulation. The product is self-healing from push pins just like a regular cork pin board. It also adds immense beauty to any room. We also offer decorative cork boards that are manufactured with our cork wall tiles and can be purchased here.  These cork board wall panels will surely add class to any office setting!
All products are easy to install. Our cork board products are a highly durable and are easy to maintain and repair! Different cork wall tiles can be combined together to create unique wall pattern designs or allowed to stand out singularly as their own natural graces lend themselves to an attractive look for any room.  Check out our selection of over 20 decorative cork wall tiles today.  Contact our expert team with any questions you may have or use our easy e-commerce store to order now!  We are happy to help you discover the natural beauty of cork wall coverings!
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June 03, 2013

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