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One of the most innovative and unique ways we have seen our cork products being used in recent years is within the teaching and home office community with the advent of decorative cork boards.  You will see them in many “quick décor” stores and their corresponding websites like Pottery Barn, Etsy, and Office Depot.  We decided to dissect one of these boards to see how their cork stood up to our own product.  Upon removing the wood frame, we found little cork and mostly wood.  The 1/8 inch thick cork sheeting on the surface of the decorative cork board was really that – just decorative.
Cork has amazing self-healing properties, lending itself naturally to the push and pull of bulletin boards.  The pins never leave a permanent mark in the cork, leaving the board looking polished and complete at all times.  However, like with most products, the more you have, the better it is!  Meaning, the more cushion the cork has in thickness, the easier it will be for the cork to demonstrate this self-healing property.  
So, you may be asking what this self-healing property is all about.  Is it miraculous?  No.  Just natural.  Think of the cork stopper in a bottle of wine.  When you remove it, it expands after being pulled from the bottle neck.  I have never been successful with “restoppering” a bottle of wine exactly how it was originally package once I have opened it.  Initially, the cork shrinks or contracts to fit the size needed in the wine bottle neck, and then expands to its original form and size once freed.  The same proves true with the cork wall tiles and decorative cork boards.  The cork allows for the space the high pressure item (the pin) needs when inserted, but when removed, the cork naturally expands back to its original form. Covering the hole, and allowing for the self-healing to occur.
We offer our cork wall tiles in an array of colors and styles that allow you to select a quality product that will serve not only as a decorative bulletin board for your home office or mudroom needs, but also bring a sense of style to a typically generic type of product.  Our 12”X24” cork wall tiles are sold in cartons of 11 tiles or 22 sq feet of cork.  This high quality product will also give you the benefit of acoustic and thermal insulation wherever installed, making your home office even cozier!
  And if you don't have that "do-it-youself crafty gene" in your body, we have partnered with another company to bring you our specialty decorative cork boards for your home office made with our highest quality cork products!  Our new decorative cork board inventory offers you beautiful frames with a variety of cork tiles to compliment any room you choose.  Our decorative push pin boards vary in sizes from 30X30 to 40X30 and come complete with gorgeous custom frames and mounting hardware. We are so sure you will love the attention to detail we put into every cork board we make - we even guarantee it!  
Take a look at our selection of decorative cork boards and cork wall tiles today and choose from over 20 different color and style patterns, all designed to meet your needs with the highest quality product available.  Send us a picture on our Facebook page of your innovative decorative cork board once you have installed it and we will post it here for others to be inspired by!

May 22, 2013

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