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I cannot think of a single place where having cork wall tiles adorning your walls would be bad thing… Except maybe a tiger’s enclosure at the zoo!  Otherwise, the opportunities to utilize cork, not only on your floors, but on your walls as well, are vast.  As building materials go, cork wall tiles are considered one of the more “green” or eco-friendly products on the market as the cork tree is never cut down; only the outer bark is harvested for cork products. 

Cork wall paneling, as shown here, are offered in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors.  Enough to suit anyone’s fancy!  These cork tiles for walls will not only give you the benefits that we will discuss in a moment, but also beauty.  Your rooms will be transformed with the addition of cork wall tiles.  The dimension and sophistication they can add to the simplest of rooms is extraordinary! 

For allergy sufferers, hospital’s and doctor’s offices, bathrooms, and anywhere else a hypo-allergenic quality is needed, look no further.  Cork naturally resists and repels mold and mildew when properly maintained.  Its cellular nature keeps allergens to a minimum.  Gone are the days of the white wall cleanliness; style does not need to be forsaken for health as cork wall tiles lend themselves to both cleanliness and class.  Carpet and wallpapers can release micro-fibrous allergens to the air in your home or office increasing allergy problems for those who suffer from them – cork does not.

Another excellent and natural benefit of cork wall tiles is their organic insulating properties.  As with cork floor tiles, cork wall tiles also act as an insulator against temperature and sound.  Cork paneling makes for an excellent choice for recording studios, hotel rooms, and hospitals where privacy is needed, boardrooms and offices to dampen the volume level.  Even commercial or home movie theaters could benefit from cork’s natural sound proofing abilities.  Furthermore, temperature insulation will reflect in your energy bill as it decreases the need for your thermostat to work as hard in any season in order to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home or office space.

As a growing trend, Houston Lifestyles & Home states that “cork wall tiles are highly versatile and add a sustainable element as well as natural feel to any room.”  Additionally, you don’t have to use cork on all your walls to reap the benefits.  Even in small doses, cork will absorb sound and add drama to an otherwise simply painted wall with little effort.  You can even use it as a glorified cork board!  Check out this photo as an example of a homeowner using cork wall paneling on two sliding doors to separate two spaces in one - Genius! 

However, the bedroom is the pinnacle of cork for me. I love the gorgeous colors and textures the cork tile wall paneling can bring to a bedroom; completely changing the look and feel of a room; bringing drama to a bland, flat wall. The insulating properties from both the wall tiles and floor tiles keep the room temperate while you sleep or relax.  Cork wall coverings will keep distracting clatter to a minimum by blocking abrupt or loud noises. And, you won’t have to get out of a cozy bed on to cold hardwood or tile floors with cork floor tiles either thanks to these insulating properties.  And if you are an allergy sufferer, you will decrease the allergens considerably, especially at night when you are sleeping and have less control over how and what you breathe in.  Your bedroom instantly becomes the sanctuary you always dreamed it would be with cork wall tile insulation. Cocoon yourself away. Just add cork!

April 17, 2013

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