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1. Open your windows and let in the light! Trust me, I love a good, cozy day where I pretend the outside world is on pause, snuggle deep into my couch, and binge Netflix. But most days, I feel so good when I begin opening the blinds, shades, and curtains throughout my home. The natural light seems to bring instantaneous life into the environment. It allows the greenery of the trees and plants outside my window to become an extension of my indoor décor, kind of softening the edges of everything.

2. Bring in plants or fresh flowers. You can have a weekly delivery service set up for flowers, or just grab a bouquet next time you’re out getting groceries. I am a fan of the lovely designs by my local Fresh Market florist and find their price point to be very fair. I am sure you have a favorite in your area, too! If you don’t, try these online services: And for special occasions, I highly recommend Farm Girl Flowers; their designs are amazing! Don’t have a green thumb for plants? Try air plants or succulents. These resilient plants are hard to kill!

3. Include a water feature. Easy to install water fountains can be found at your local home & garden or home décor stores. This interior design accent not only brings your cat out of her hiding place, it brings a natural auditory feature to your indoor environment. The bubbly sound of running water has been down to reduce stress and anxiety, contributing to a better sense of peace.

4. Plant a small herb garden and grow it in your kitchen windowsill or just outside your door. Brushing the herbs as you pass by releases their fragrance, making the air a little more magical and beneficial. Our olfactory response is immediate. You mood changes into a positive mindset and your shoulders relax as tensions melt. Plus, they add an amazing flavor to your cooking! Win! Win!

5. Obviously we believe in incorporating cork into your indoor environment. We love our products and firmly believe in the benefits they bring to you and to the environment. The cork tree is never felled; it is a renewable resource that not only benefits you, but reduces carbon and adds to an ecosystem that supports endangered species in Europe. Benefits to you are extensive – this hypo-allergenic material will reduce allergens, fight mold, give cushion to your steps, insulate sound and temperature, and so much more. Add a cork feature wall to your space.

6. Natural furniture is another way to incorporate the outdoors into your inside environment. Look for beautifully curated wooden chairs and tables to add depth and an element of the world to your rooms. We do make a particular note to look for pieces that are sustainably harvested and created. It kind of defeats the purpose of bringing in a natural piece if it’s covered in chemicals or if its harvesting caused unbelievable pollution or loss to endangered eco-systems. Check out Vermont Wood Studios or this sustainably sourced selection from West Elm.

7. Lastly, incorporate some sort of stone or brick fixture in your space for a natural interior design accent. Where our cork material will add a literal sense of softness, stone is the perfect opposite for nature room décor. Ying meet yang. Rustic brick walls are always in style; or go low key with several stone planters throughout your room.

July 25, 2019

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