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Grey is out! And classic blue is the 2020 Pantone of the year, ushering in a new decade of decorating trends, do’s and don’ts, and so much more. So buckle up and hold on tight as we dive into a new year with “perfect vision.”

For the past several years, grey was the predominant color du jour. We couldn’t escape it, from the walls of model homes to the furniture in every room and the pages of Architectural Digest; but now, grey is taking a backseat and becoming a supporting role in the decorating world. You will see gray in your flooring and in small accent pieces, but it will no longer be an overwhelming force. Now, warmer tones and rich accents will take the center stage. Classic blue will lead the way in 2020, with earthy jeweled tones to compliment. Consider laying our new wall tile slats in Pearl White, Greystone, or Coffee to create texture and definition in your rooms, bring in classic blue furniture and rugs, and round it all out with a selection of lush plants, chinz throw pillows, and statement lighting fixtures to incorporate all the new (and old) interior decorating trends. This is the perfect time to bring focus to your classic Wedgewood china.

     Pearl Cork Wall Tile     

Grandmillennial décor is commanding a presence by combining older styles – think needlepoint, monograms, and wicker – with a new twist.  According to House Beautiful, grandmillennial décor is a new take on traditional interior design. Check out these fabulous grandma chic décor design accents that bring this style into the forefront of your decorating scheme. Furthermore, cork matches this style in many ways. See our Summer and Ebony Cork Flooring for the traditional staging. However, if you are adventurous and wish to bring Grandmillennial out of the “grand” and into the “millennial”, pay more attention to our Coral and Sea Cork Flooring selections.


However, my current style obsession is Low Country décor. Low Country style embraces the relaxation and comfort found in the South; it is practical, simple, and understated, which, to me, perfectly describes a good number of our cork designs including flooring and wall coverings.

Additionally, we are seeing an uptick in performance fabrics, large dining room tables for full family functionality, and quality bedding. Essentially we are seeing that people are willing to spend more for a quality product if it will last a long time and spark joy in their lives – thank you Marie Kondo. This is the perfect trend vehicle to keep cork products alive. Cork’s health and environmental benefits is insane! Hypoallergenic, these wall and flooring cork tiles will bring a cushion to your step, insulate your home or room, inevitably bringing the doctor AND electric bills down. Seems like a win-win to me.

Check out our Coral Cork Flooring for a decorative flooring pattern, or go simple, letting your decorating skills take the forefront, and install our Ebony Cork Tiles. Beachside Blue Cork Wall Tiles will set the perfect backdrop for your classic blue performance fabric sofa.

Our products were created to fit within your lifestyle needs and interior decorating needs; they are made to support or steal the spotlight – whichever your designing heart desires. But no matter where they land in your decorating scheme, know that you will not regret bringing cork into your interior environments. Contact our cork experts at 1-888-955-2675 for a customized purchasing consultation or to answer any questions you may have about our products.

February 11, 2020

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