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We are officially two months into 2015 and it’s time that we delved into the hot interior decorating trends for this upcoming season. Vintage inspired decorating with furnishings and fixtures, natural colors and materials, as well as a usual touch of elegance are in full force as we slide into Spring. It is time to throw out many of your Pinterest boards and start anew with fresh pins for the cutting-edge style icons emerging on today’s market.

Your home is your sanctuary and should be treated as such. The color pantone for this season is a lush Marsala, which blends easily with the subdued natural colors and decorative pieces placed throughout your home. It can easily be paired with soft, cool pastels creating a serene escape. Muted grays are an easy addition to any warm or cool color as well to help balance your color palette. We don’t realize how much color impacts our moods, though your decorator certainly does. Pablo Picasso once said that “colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” While you may love daisy yellow, it might not be wise to paint your entire bedroom in the hue as it can cause some to feel anxious or unable to unwind. If you are itching to splash the color around your home, choose throw pillows or unique knick-knacks that can be easily swapped out as the seasons change – and obviously, as your mood changes.      

Love how your statement necklace dresses up a Plain Jane outfit by adding an air of sophistication without much effort? Statement light fixtures are the dominating interior design trend in many homes this year for the same reasons. Glass bell jars with Edison light bulbs, grid-like fixtures, brass, and smoked glass decorative lamps and chandeliers are in high demand right now. The incandescent glow produced by these lighting fixtures creates a feeling of calmness and beauty, which is so very important as our schedules become busier and busier with each passing day.

Say goodbye to your Chevron prints and vinyl wall décor that spells out your family’s love for each other or for good food. Say hello to textured walls of cork and accents with honeycomb patterns. Texture adds depth to your décor. If you are itching for a pattern on your wall, try a diamond patterned contrast wall as shown below on or install our cork wall tiles in a checker board fashion. We love the pairing of our Ebony and Rock cork wall tiles. You can order a sample here. Or if you know exactly what you want, go ahead and use our handy calculator to determine the number of cartons you will need to complete your project this week or call our helpful staff to discuss your options today!


Texture can also be added with window coverings such as the gorgeous custom made lace curtains or handmade throw pillow both shown below by Pandora de Balthazar. These items can add luxury to a neutral background without taking away from the overall simplicity of your design.  

Furthermore, driftwood and reclaimed wood give a room a weathered look without being too rustic. Bringing the natural beauty indoors is an easy transition this year. Designer Jim Gauthier’s New England home is a beautiful example of how to combine earthy elements with bright colors and comfortable furniture. “This is our place to get away from everything. Even on the worst of days, even during a blizzard, this house feels great. It’s a place that makes people happy,” Gauthier says. And isn’t that what a home is all about? Making the people inside feel happiness and security? Other options for incorporating driftwood or reclaimed wood into your living space can be seen below from the rafters to the walls.

And surprisingly enough, sectional sofas are in vogue right now! Like we said, everything old is new again… Sectionals are the perfect piece for entertaining a large group or snuggling up with your family and pets to read, watch a movie, or simply to nap – stretch out! There’s plenty of room! What more could you ask for when hunkering down for a Netflix marathon?

Whatever trends you decide to incorporate into your home this season, make sure you are in love with your choices because you will literally be living with the end result for a while. Obviously some sustainable home décor choices are more permanent than others, i.e. flooring –vs- a collection of small vases. But either way, we encourage you to branch out and try something new this Spring. You never know what your taste buds may desire until you step outside your box and try something adventurous with interior design. Start small or go forth with gusto!

March 07, 2015

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