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A customer recently asked us about using our cork wall tiles as an accent piece rather than an entire wall covering. We thought you might have the same questions and we thought why not share with everyone!

Using AmCork’s cork wall tiles for accent wall design rather than covering the entire wall is extremely acceptable and is an upward moving trend of 2015. We aren’t talking about a “cork board wall” where one would pin notes, children’s artwork, and the like, which is a wonderful use, but rather allowing the cork wall tiles to act as a piece of art to define a specific area of the room of your choosing. One of our most popular selections is our Blizzard cork wall tile. This easy neutral will compliment any room without distracting the viewer with too much color and busyness. Designer Sheena Murphy of Sheep + Stone utilized this particular selection when creating an office space for Scandinavian gaming company Dots HQ in NYC. She selected the Blizzard cork wall tile to serve two purposes – to control acoustics and to allow documents to be easily pinned for temporary access. She wrapped the cork wall tile around the entire length of the office to allow for fluid movement and design throughout. Other neutral options are Caribbean, Coral, Ebony, Rain, Rock, Stone, and White Sea cork wall tiles – enough varieties to suit anyone’s traditional tastes.

So that covers the neutral aspects of using AmCork’s cork wall tiles as a soft variant in décor... Now, let’s talk the bold and the beautiful! Imagine accenting a single wall above the master bed or as a glorified chair rail in your formal dining room with any of the following varieties: Cherry, Chocolate, Grape, Iris Mocha, Limestone, Pumpkin, or my favorite Tree Bark cork wall tiles. The assortment of color patterns and themes that you could play with and incorporate into your design are endless! Forget slate above the fireplace – install cork wall tiles. Forget a tile backsplash – install cork wall tiles. Forget the Excedrin while your teenager practices their band instrument – install cork wall tiles. Forget painting one wall in a dramatic share - install cork wall tiles.

AmCork proudly offers 22 different varieties of cork wall tiles. The benefits are endless – both for you and for the environment. In fact, we write about them here, here, and here too! We import only the finest Portuguese cork because we value your satisfaction. We love cork and we love to educate the public about the environmental and personal benefits of bringing cork into your home and office. Therefore, we have to offer an environmentally friendly product we can stand behind. Make no doubt about it – you will be thrilled with your purchase and easy installation… So much so, you will probably begin planning your next home improvement project shortly after completing your first! Happy decorating friends!


February 27, 2015

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