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We have said over and over again how installation of our cork flooring and cork wall tiles is something that you can do on your own without much difficulty. Dare we even say that it is easy to install? Yes, we dare. And yet, we have taken the simplicity one more step by helping you calculate, from the comfort of your couch, exactly how much of each type of product you will need to take your project from dusty boxes in the hall to swoon worthy completion.

To begin, we must discuss the type of flooring and wall coverings our company offers to ascertain exactly what you will need to plan and purchase. We proudly offer two types of cork flooring. Our floating floor planks are designed to click and lock without the need for additional adhesives. Furthermore, the underside of each plank has a built-in cork underlayment. Thus, no further underlayment is needed for our floating plank floor installation. This type of flooring typically comes in cartons designed to cover 21 sq feet. Next, our cork floor tiles are glued to the substrate using an adhesive. Cork underlayment can be purchased for added shock and thermal controls but isn’t required for installation. If you are on the fence as to whether or not to install a cork underlayment subfloor, we highly recommend taking the plunge and installing it as you cannot go back and add it later. It is the difference between silk and satin; they are both shiny and make you feel pretty, but one is finer and more coveted than the other. Our cork floor tiles typically arrive in cartons designed to cover 36 sq feet. And lastly, our cork wall tiles are also installed using an adhesive, like the cork floor tiles. They are boxed and shipped in carton that will cover 22 sq feet of wall space.

Now that we have gotten the introductions out of the way, let’s get to the fun part – MATH! How do you calculate the quantity of supplies you will need to ensure that you will not run out of cork or any of the installation materials before you have completed your project? We have taken that worry (and possible fear of math), and thrown it out the window! On each product detail page, we have included a calculator for your shopping pleasure. Simply enter the square foot area you wish to cover, and our calculator will do the rest. The calculator computes not only the number of cartons you will need to order to cover the square footage you provided, but it will also include any additional materials you will need in the appropriate quantity including adhesive, applicators, prep & finish materials, and the correct number of cartons of cork flooring or cork wall coverings you will need for the square footage provided. Seriously, there is NO guesswork! We have literally given you the EASY button with this calculator! The hardest part you should have is the decision over which of our fabulous products you want to install in your home or office first! Get started today and make your imagination come to life!

February 11, 2015

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