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Have you ever wanted to live in one of those incredible tree houses we see on TV? Or have you ever wanted to slip beneath the bubbles in your garden tub and arise in the midst of a relaxing forest of trees, with the sunlight warming you? While we can’t create magic, we can help you create an escape that will truly make you feel as if you have invited the natural world from outside your window into the center of your home. We know you love the look and feel of cork, but take a moment and ponder our newest product – Tree Bark Cork Wall Panels. We absolutely love the uniqueness of this look! Both rustic, and yet elegantly refined.

Virgin cork bark is from the first harvest, which allows the distinctiveness of each cork oak tree to be highlighted in the product. Natural knots and pitting occur randomly on the Tree Bark Cork Wall Panels. The matchless quality of this product adds both sophistication and charm with an earthy, natural feel in any room.

This particular cork product is an excellent choice for a designer cork accent wall. It can also be used on ceilings, however it may create a bit heavy of a feeling for most tastes – only the bold should dare to try! Just as Mother Earth creates this texturized beauty in the wild, our Tree Bark Cork Wall Panels allow you to bring the woodsy feeling into your home to add to or help create your personal sanctuary. Many of our clients are adding this product to their “man caves” or accent walls in living areas to bring a touch of masculinity to an already saturated female decorating world. For many, this product can take the place of a large piece of artwork on an oversized wall or as a blank slate in the boardroom; it can even replace the need for a headboard, crafting an earthy oasis into the bedroom too.

But if it is bark, won’t it feel all dusty and scratchy? Not at all! Just like our cork flooring and cork wall tiles, which are produced from the underside of the cork bark exterior, our exterior Tree Bark Cork Wall Panels are soft to the touch. They are textured, but not to the point that the local bear community is going to be staking out your Tree Bark Cork Wall as a scratching post! The cork bark also retains all the other properties of cork that we love so much such as the thermal and acoustical insulating characteristics, as well as moisture and mildew resistance, and hypo-allergenic properties to name a few.

Just as our other products are easy to install, so is the Tree Bark Cork Wall Paneling. Our products are highly durable and easy to maintain. Watch the video to see just how easy you can transform your space with this timeless addition to your home or office. You can also use our calculator to help you figure out how many cartons, as well as all the necessary installation products to make sure your cork tree bark wall tiles are installed to last a lifetime. This way, you won’t run out of supplies before your installation is complete, nor have over purchased. We want you to be satisfied from the beginning of the sales process to many years in the future as you continue to enjoy our cork products.

With the sudden resurgence of cork on the home décor market, and everyone from corporations to community builders wanting to show that they are in the “green” business, we only predict growth in this product’s future. Restaurants, offices, and homes will benefit greatly from the installation of cork wall paneling as will their clientele and home owners. Be the Joneses. Install this fashionable, yet sophisticated product before everyone has it.


January 20, 2015

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