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We were recently asked to describe summer decorating trends with one word. Without a doubt that word would be COLOR. And again, I say COLOR. Welcome the sultry heat of the season with an umbrella drink in one hand and a paint brush soaked with an impassioned color in the other. Check out our Summer decorating ideas below!

Several fun summer color palettes we are completely crushing on this season are blushing rouge and cream, emerald green and obsidian black, and chartreuse and cork with a crisp white trim. This is not the time of year to be shy with your color choices. In fact, it’s the one time of year that anything goes so far as it is bright and bold.

To begin this summer decorating guide, let’s explore a room decorated in blushing rouge and cream. This is an elegant extension of the 2016 pantone family, which, as you remember, is Rose Quartz and Serenity; an effortless blending of two shades as the “color of the year”. The poignant pop of color in the room is then mellowed by the crisp and lively cream. The blush is best suited in heftier pieces like the armchairs pictured below, whereas the cream can be showcased on the walls or, better yet, with our Summer Cream Cork Flooring planks. Increase the luxuriousness of the room with simple gold accents.

Next up is the beautiful pairing of emerald green and obsidian black or linen white. We love the contemporary room shown below left on Houzz. This interior design trend is modern day preppy. Add a couple of vases with red roses or peonies to complete the look. We also love the indoor garden feeling invoked by the photo on the right. Two starkly different decorating motifs using similar emerald greens. No matter what you choose for summer decorating- express yourself.                    

Lastly, we pair another member of the green family, chartreuse, with the quintessential summer neutral, cork. The vibrancy of the chartreuse is tempered with the natural cork and a crisp white trim in your room of choice. Our suggestions would be either our Coral Cork Tiles for your flooring needs or our Rain Cork Wall Tiles to add texture and a focal point to the walls. These more permanent renovations can be easily paired with other color choices and materials as trends and tastes change in the future. We recommend mixed metals for your fixtures and accessories.


Whatever summer house décor you choose, be sure to bring natural elements into your home. We firmly stand behind our cork products. We feel that cork does more than decorate a room; it enriches it with boundless health benefits to both you and our planet. This renewable flooring material increases the value of your property while also meeting many requirements for eco-friendly certifications. Speak with one of our cork installation experts today or place your order now with our easy-to-use online shopping store.

April 28, 2016

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