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Patterned tile flooring is taking a trendy turn this spring and we have several pairing suggestions. We love the traditional checkerboard pattern as well as more intricate designs.


Summer Cream Cork Flooring and Summer Brown Cork Flooring – The small, granular texture of these flooring selections easily blend together and open up any room. The lovely, warm tones of the Summer Brown are cooled by the Summer Cream like delicious whipped cream.

Tropical White Cork Flooring and Tropical Brown Cork Flooring – These two flooring options lend to a more contemporary feel, and can resemble planks of hardwood flooring. Again, the patterns are meant to complement each other. The chocolate brown and winter white cork flooring brings warmth and luxury wherever it is installed. We love the idea of using these with a dramatic floor pattern design in a formal dining room, master bedroom, or formal living space where square footage is in your favor.

Summer Cork Tiles and Opal Cork Tiles – These flooring options are reminiscent of traditional cork flooring dating back to the early 1900’s; the kind of which Frank Lloyd Wright was so fond. If you are remodeling a historical home or want to bring back the authenticity of a turn of the century public library, we suggest this pairing. Granulated design and texture are showcased in this golden tan and creamy white selection.

Have you installed more than one selection of our cork floor tiles and successfully paired them together in a floor pattern? If so, we would love to know. As far as cork flooring ideas & pattern possibilities, the only limitations are the ones you put upon yourself. Good luck with all your cork floor tile pattern ideas! We look forward to hearing how you have integrated cork into your lives!

March 11, 2016

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