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Mahogany Cork Flooring

Carton of 7 Planks (21 SqFt)

Per Square Foot Price: $4.10

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Mahogany cork flooring floating planks are a modern twist on a classic flooring pattern. Reminiscent of the cork flooring patterns used by Frank Lloyd Wright in his organic architecture around the turn of the century, our Mahogany cork flooring planks are simple, understated grace and luxury. Easily blending with any existing décor or becoming the foundation for a new construction design, the Mahogany flooring planks are muted amber, consisting of small granular cork pieces. Amongst the amber coloring in this flooring pattern, flecks of burnt umber, blonde, and espresso tones can be found.

Cork is an organic material that is considered sustainable because only the outer bark of the cork oak is removed; the tree is not cut down. Cork oak trees can live up to 300 years and are highly protected so that they can continue to produce a harvest every nine years. Furthermore, cork has natural insulating properties, both thermally and acoustically, of all natural flooring materials on the market, making it the ideal choice for both commercial and residential applications. Cork is naturally hypo-allergenic and is also anti-microbial, fire resistant, and offers self-healing capabilities, too.

Our Mahogany parquet flooring planks are made of 100% pure Portuguese cork, harvested by hand from the cork oak forests in the region. This particular flooring pattern can be used in any environment. With its lack of dominant color or high fashion pattern, it can be adapted into any room of your home or office; commercial buildings are an ideal place for this pattern to be used, as it visually appeals to the masses. It is similar in style to our Summer cork flooring. Easily installable over almost any substrate, our cork plank flooring is also easy to maintain.

When installed as flooring material, cork naturally cushions your footsteps making it spot-on for kitchens and bathrooms, where you spend longer periods of time on your feet. It is an ideal foundation for both the young and the not so young. Because of its anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic benefits, cork flooring tile is perfect for healthcare environments and homes with young children who may spend a lot of time on or near the floor. Cork can offer many benefits to your lifestyle and our Mahogany floating cork floor planks are the perfect solution.